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Nolecast: Florida State beat Florida because of red zone and explosive plays

How did the Seminoles beat the Gators? By winning the explosiveness battle and finishing drives, and by not losing the turnover, efficiency or field position categories by any signifcant margin. Here's the Nolecast Instant Reaction. The show notes appear below.

  • Explosiveness

    • FSU 5.2, UF 3.3, 60% better

      • 216 yards on 18 plays -- FSU’s 3 TD drives

      • 88 on the other 40 plays

    • Jimbo Fisher wasn’t trying to put together methodical drives, he was scheming for chunk plays because he knew FSU couldn’t drive consistently on this Florida defense

      • Play action pulling the guard

      • Orbit motion

    • 15+: FSU 10, UF 4

    • 25+: FSU 4, UF 0

  • Finishing Drives

    • UF had drives end at the FSU 29, 19, 10 without points

    • FSU scored touchdowns on both red zone trips

  • Field Position

    • FSU own 26, Florida Own 24

      • FSU didn’t even mess with UF’s return game

      • Beatty had a big night

  • Efficiency

    • Probably a wash on success rate

      • FSU’s 5.24 yards/play only 2nd team to do that in Swamp this year

      • UF’s 3.32 yards/play is awful. UF put up 6.16 on Jeremy Pruitt’s UGA good Georgia defense

  • Turnovers

    • None (just the safety)