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Florida State football, recruiting news: When will quarterback battle be determined?

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

- Brendan Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel takes a look at the current quarterback situation and the lack of answers being provided by Jimbo Fisher. It is worth recognizing the completely reasonable possibility that Fisher will wait until the last possible moment to announce the starter, even if he already knows who it will be.

"I can't judge if that until I see the health of Everett," Fisher said when asked if Golson was the surefire starter if healthy. "I hate to say that and decline the question. Not what you want to hear. But I don't have enough information.

"It's not just health-wise. If he's healthy enough to play, is he playing well during practice, has he responded well? We'll have to wait and see."

- Eric Hobeck of Streaking the Lawn, Virginia's SB Nation site, relays an oral history of one of the biggest upsets in college football history, Virginia's 1995 snapping of Florida State's 29-game conference win streak.  Posted on Monday, the timing from STL was coincidentally perfect as the Seminoles lost their 28-game ACC win streak only 10 days ago.

- Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel offers a look at some contenders for the College Football Playoff with the poll coming out later today, as well as labeling a Florida State freshman as a player he will be keeping an eye on.

- Bob Ferrante of the Osceola details Fisher's reaction to a question about Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer's legacy.

Recruiting: 2016 4* LB Devin Bush, a legacy and target for FSU, confirmed that Florida State is in his top 2 along with Michigan.