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Florida State Nolecast: Future considerations after Syracuse

Reviewing Florida State's win over Syracuse and discussion of future considerations.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith review the Syracuse win for Florida State and discuss some future considerations. The outline below is rough and not strict.

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  • Neither of these QBs are very good. Don't buy into the false narratives, keep perspective.

    • Golson better escaping pressure, but also creates more pressure

    • Golson does make checks, just not as often/well as Maguire

    • Maguire doesn’t handle pressure well

    • Maguire late, but not as late as EG on his throws

    • Downfield passing element

  • Patrick did some good things, still need him to run big

    • Pass pro, receiving

    • Head up, pads down

  • OL

    • Eberle pretty good after some jitters, not sure Hoefeld is better

    • Ruble not, if Kelly not back have to protect him constantly with tight end

    • Mavety good run blocking, pass blocking iffy

  • Wilson and Rudolph had big games

    • Wilson sneaky good game, Rudolph had the big numbers


  • Young guys Sweat and James could be among best ever at FSU if they keep progressing at this rate.

  • Terrance Smith not a superstar, but have to have him back or Clemson will eat FSU alive over the middle

Special teams

  • Aguayo, beatty, return team


  • Jimbo preaches patience in presser (prelude to Clemson?)

  • Opening line: Clemson -12

  • UGA job?

  • VT job?