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Florida State football: Opponent Recap - Week 12

Updates on Florida State football opponents are ordered as they appear(ed) on FSU's schedule.

- Texas State rallied but fell shortdu/2015/11/29/texas-state-unable-to-pull-out-victory-against-idaho/ to Idaho 38-31.

- South Florida blasted UCF 44-3. Hope you got your free beers.

- Boston College's season came to a merciful end as the Eagles lost to Syracuse 20-17. The Orange were able to send Scott Shafer out on a good note.

''I think it was a perfect ending to the season,'' linebacker Zaire Franklin said. ''A lot of things didn't go our way this season. This game was for Shafe.''

- Wake Forest came close but couldn't quite upend Duke 27-21.

- Miami finished the season strong beating Pitt 29-24.

"It meant a lot to us," said receiver Rashawn Scott of the victory, witnessed by 40,126 at Heinz Field. "People have known us for folding at the end of the season. We ain’t got time for that anymore."

- Even though they started slow Louisville roared back to beat Kentucky 38-24. While he didn't start Lamar Jackson was the catalyst for the Cardinals.

"After like my third run, when I kept doing the read option, they just never went for me, so I just kept getting whatever," Jackson said. "They were wearing down. They kept getting tight like they were giving up, so (the coaches) just kept feeding me."

- Georgia Tech's season came to an end with a loss to Georgia 13-7. It was a rough season for the Yellow Jackets.

- Clemson got all it could handle from South Carolina but ultimately topped the Gamecocks 37-32. Once again Deshaun Watson was the star of the show for the Tigers.

- NC State dug themselves too much of a hole and lost to in-state rival North Carolina 45-34.

"I take ownership for (the first quarter)," Doeren said. "We weren’t ready."

- Chattanooga didn't mess around in the first round of the FCS playoffs beating Fordham 50-20.

- Florida scored their lowest point total ever against FSU and lost 27-2. Like most of the season Florida's offense didn't give their defense much help.

"It's something that really makes you sick when you see how hard they're playing and what the type of defense that they are and you can't give them any help," McGee said. "You see them out there; they're making plays left and right.

"We weren't able to give them anything."

Record of Opponents: 76-67