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Florida State football film review: Syracuse 3rd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Syracuse? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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2-12 at Su23 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, FS ball on FS35.
FSU will kick to begin the 2nd half and defend the south goal.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 00:09
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 65 yards to the SU0, touchback.
1-10 at Su25 SYRACUSE drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Su25 2D-Dungey, E. at QB for Syracuse.
1-10 at Su25 425 2D-Dungey, E. rush option right for 3 yards to the SU28 (18-Ro'Derrick Hoskins), clock 14:45. Load option to field, Hoskins does a phenomenal job knifing in behind the lead blocker and taking the QB. Javien was on the pitch man and QB had nowhere to go. Good option defense. Derwin punches a blocker HARD.
2-7 at Su28 425 3-Philips, E. rush left for loss of 3 yards to the SU25 (3J-Derwin James), clock 14:15. Inverted veer, give to back to field side, Derwin James closes so quickly he's forced to slow up, where Sweat and Hoskins give him nothing. Fantastic all around defense.
Previous play was an end-around rush. What? no it wasn't.
3-10 at Su25 416 2D-Dungey, E. deep pass complete to 8-Ishmael, S. for 25 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN SU, out-of-bounds, clock 13:41. Noles show blitz, 6 men on line, FANTASTIC stunt - Hoskins pins the center and Sweat pulls around into the wide open hole. Dungey gets the sideline fade up and Ishmael makes a good play in bringing it down. Ramsey was in phase, but Ishmael made a great play.
1-10 at Su50 425 2D-Dungey, E. rush option right for 2 yards to the FS48 (18-Ro'Derrick Hoskins), clock 13:18. Triple option to field, Walker forces Dungey wide and James is there so quickly he doesn't know what to do. James' speed is influencing his decision making in the run game. Cuts up and is cleaned up inside.
2-8 at Fs48 425 22-Fredericks, J. rush over left tackle for 9 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN SU (42-Lamarcus Brutus;90-Demarcus Christmas), clock 12:34. Inside zone, Nnadi loses gap discipline. Hole right up the middle, backers get caught in wash and Fredericks has an easy lane.
1-10 at Fs39 425 22-Fredericks, J. rush over left tackle for 1 yard to the FS38 (91-Derrick Nnadi;90-Demarcus Christmas), clock 12:01. Inside zone again. Nnadi does a good job this time and sheds his blocker to make the tackle, helped out by Christmas.
2-9 at Fs38 425 2D-Dungey, E. pass complete to 2D-Dungey, E. for loss of 3 yards to the FS41 (3J-Derwin James), PENALTY SU illegal formation declined, clock 11:33. Rollout off OZ action, Dungey rolls out and pass is tipped up and back to him by Derwin. You don't see that everyday.
3-12 at Fs41 2D-Dungey, E. middle right pass incomplete to 89-Parris, J., QB hurry by 44-DeMarcus Walker, clock 11:10. 416 NASCAR package with 4 DTs. Looks to be a double end tackle twist with backer green dogging. Sweat plows his way through and forces Dungey to try a quick pass. Affecting the passer.
4-12 at Fs41 92-Dixon, R. punt 41 yards to the FS0, touchback. Not quite as good as Beatty.
Drive: 8 plays, 34 yards, TOP 03:57 Derwin James is just outchea having effects.
1-10 at Fs20 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:03.
1-10 at Fs20 10-Sean Maguire at QB for Florida State.
1-10 at Fs20 21 Pony 10-Sean Maguire sideline pass complete to 9S-Jacques Patrick for 11 yards to the FS31, 1ST DOWN FS (4-Franklin, Z.), clock 10:54. Looks like clearouts, RB flare off play action. Maguire gets it off a hair slow, Patrick makes a man miss and gets the first down.
1-10 at Fs31 11 Gun 9S-Jacques Patrick rush over left end for no gain to the FS31 (33-Hodge, M.;50-Raymon, J.), clock 10:18. Power left, RoJo gets punched back into pulling Bell's path and Bell isn't able to get around cleanly. If he would have, it would've been Patrick with a head of steam up the sideline.
2-10 at Fs31 11 gun 10-Sean Maguire screen pass complete to 26-Johnathan Vickers for 5 yards to the FS36 (37-Taylor, T.), clock 09:45. Called RB flare to Vickers all the way, receivers were blocking this the whole time. Well thrown screen, but this was well covered by Cuse. Vickers still makes some contact and gets some yards.
3-5 at Fs36 10 Gun 10-Sean Maguire post pass incomplete to 15-Travis Rudolph, clock 09:26. Post dig concept, well run route by Rudolph and Maguire throws it behind him.
4-5 at Fs36 38-Cason Beatty punt 64 yards to the SU0, touchback. Unlucky to hit the 4 and get that sort of bounce.
Drive: 4 plays, 16 yards, TOP 01:46 One of those sort of drives.
1-10 at Su20 SYRACUSE drive start at 09:17.
1-10 at Su20 425 22-Fredericks, J. rush up middle for 3 yards to the SU23 (55-Fredrick Jones;3J-Derwin James), clock 08:51. Inside zone read, Dungey gives, Noles line holds up POA well. All Fredericks can do is fall forward. Good strong play at the point from Jones here.
2-7 at Su23 425 2D-Dungey, E. deep pass incomplete to 3-Philips, E., clock 08:35. 4 man rush, cover 3 from the Noles. Solid coverage downfield by Javien, but a poor throw also.
3-7 at Su23 416 2D-Dungey, E. rush draw play for 6 yards to the SU29, fumble forced by 3J-Derwin James, fumble by 2D-Dungey, E. recovered by FS 9-Josh Sweat at SU28, 9-Josh Sweat for 5 yards to the SU23 (3-Philips, E.). 5 man rush against empty, 3 down linemen slant to boundary side and field side DBs blitz. Dungey goes on the draw, but Derwin manages to miraculously change direction, pursue Dungey from behind and pop the ball out. Sweat picks it up and grabs a couple yards. Enjoy Derwin James for the next couple years - not going to see a lot of players like him come through Tallahassee.
Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 00:51 Fantastic defense.
1-10 at Su23 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:26, FS ball on SU23.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a fumble, recovered by FSU.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
1-10 at Su23 22 I 9S-Jacques Patrick rush left for 3 yards to the SU20 (23-Thomas, J.), clock 08:13. T Block sweep to field, Jimbo calling this to get Patrick a head of steam. On coaches show, Jimbo says Patrick should run harder. Don't look to get hit. I personally think he just lost his balance a hair here.
2-7 at Su20 21 Pony 10-Sean Maguire middle right pass complete to 9S-Jacques Patrick for 1 yard to the SU19 (23-Thomas, J.), clock 07:37. Hard to see what downfield routes were, but backs ran some sort of angle/flat combo. Maguire hits Patrick on the flat.
3-6 at Su19 10 Gun 10-Sean Maguire flag pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for 19 yards to the SU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:03. Smash, Maguire hits Rudolph perfectly on the corner. Well executed. Fantastic placement. This is where Maguire shows how good he can be, and then he has some real stinkers too.
19-Roberto Aguayo kick attempt good.
Florida State 35, Syracuse 14
Drive: 3 plays, 23 yards, TOP 01:23 Good stuff.
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 65 yards to the SU0, touchback.
1-10 at Su25 SYRACUSE drive start at 07:03.
1-10 at Su25 425 22-Fredericks, J. rush over left guard for 1 yard to the SU26 (91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 06:43. Counter, Nnadi does a fantastic job stacking and shedding his blocker. Makes it look easy.
2-9 at Su26 416 2D-Dungey, E. deep out pass incomplete to 3-Philips, E., clock 06:23. Cuse lines up in empty and tries to run a switch but something weird happens and a bunch of people just run into each other. And the throw sucked.
3-9 at Su26 416 2D-Dungey, E. deep out pass incomplete to 8-Ishmael, S., clock 06:18. Dungey tries to hit a comeback on Ishmael and.... throws it 5 yards short. Terrible.
4-9 at Su26 92-Dixon, R. punt 39 yards to the FS35, downed. Beatty is better, y'all.
Drive: 3 plays, 1 yards, TOP 00:55 One good play by Nnadi then some weird Cuse stuff.
1-10 at Fs35 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 06:08.
1-10 at Fs35 21 Pony 10-Sean Maguire deep pass incomplete to 11-George Campbell, dropped pass, clock 06:01. Absolutely perfectly thrown go route by Maguire and Cambpell just plain drops it. This is why the young kid isn't playing. This is a massive play dropped poorly. Terrible.
2-10 at Fs35 20 Gun 10-Sean Maguire middle left pass incomplete to 9S-Jacques Patrick, clock 05:57. Patrick didn't think ball was coming to him in the flat on the Snag route. Not ready. Throw a little high, but kid needs to get his head around on this.
3-10 at Fs35 11 Tight 10-Sean Maguire middle right pass incomplete to 81-Ryan Izzo, clock 05:52. Absolutely no clue what the heck this was. When Maguire decides to throw sidearm, things get ugly.
4-10 at Fs35 38-Cason Beatty punt 54 yards to the SU11, 9-Estime, B. return 12 yards to the SU23 (5-Reggie Northrup). Can't blame Beatty for this return, there were three dudes there and Brisley made one miss and made space. Gotta do better in coverage.
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:27 Dropped points on first down.
1-10 at Su23 SYRACUSE drive start at 05:41.
1-10 at Su23 425 18-Strickland, D. rush over left guard for 2 yards to the SU25 (1M-Derrick Mitchell Jr.;5-Reggie Northrup), clock 05:23. Mitchell and Jones don't hold the point quite as well as Nnadi/Christmas, but still pretty good. Inside zone gets eaten up and Northrup does a good job metting the back in the hole.
2-8 at Su25 425 2D-Dungey, E. middle left pass complete to 89-Parris, J. for 9 yards to the SU34, 1ST DOWN SU (8-Jalen Ramsey), clock 05:01. Noles playing vanilla cover 2 with backups, Dungey hits the flat route in the no cover zone, Parris does a nice job turning upfield and falling forward.
1-10 at Su34 425 2D-Dungey, E. middle pass incomplete (1M-Derrick Mitchell Jr.). 4 man rush, Mitchell does a fantastic job penetrating and grabbing Dungey, who throws what should very obviously be grounding. But there's a receiver within a country mile, I guess?
2-10 at Su34 425 2D-Dungey, E. rush quarterback scramble for 8 yards to the SU42 (14-Javien Elliott;55-Fredrick Jones), clock 04:14. Can't see downfield routes but looked like 3 deep routes. Mitchell does a good job flushing Dungey out after a few seconds, but the athletic QB does a good job getting out and getting another couple extra yards out of it.
3-2 at Su42 425 18-Strickland, D. rush left for 3 yards to the SU45, 1ST DOWN SU (5-Reggie Northrup), clock 03:51. Split zone, nothing inside so back cuts outside to field, where Derwin overpursued and leaves him a cutback lane. Northrup does a decent job diagnosing and getting around, but can't stop him short
Previous play was an end-around rush. No, it wasn't.
1-10 at Su45 425 2D-Dungey, E. rush quarterback scramble for 3 yards to the SU48 (8-Jalen Ramsey), clock 03:15. Screen called and well diagnosed by FSU. Dungey just tries to run as it fails. Good job by Sweat to bring him down and Ramsey helps clean it up.
2-7 at Su48 425 2D-Dungey, E. sacked for loss of 4 yards to the SU44 (91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 02:41. Empty, pocket begins to push wide and Dungey climbs. Right into Nnadi, who sheds his blocker and gets Dungey.
3-11 at Su44 416 2D-Dungey, E. sacked for loss of 5 yards to the SU39 (44-DeMarcus Walker). 416 NASCAR package. 5 rush and Newberry gets immediate pressure. Dungey steps up, and Walker finishes it off. Fantastic pressure.
4-16 at Su39 92-Dixon, R. punt 43 yards to the FS18, downed.
Drive: 8 plays, 16 yards, TOP 04:04 DECENT
1-10 at Fs18 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 01:37.
1-10 at Fs18 12 Tight 9S-Jacques Patrick rush up middle for 8 yards to the FS26 (23-Thomas, J.), clock 01:06. Inside zone and the unblocked backside end is totally free and brings down Patrick. Considering Mavin was meandering, I'm guessing this may have been his responsibility. Otherwise, doesn't make sense to leave this unblocked with no rollout threat.
2-2 at Fs26 21 Bunch 9S-Jacques Patrick rush over left end for 9 yards to the FS35, 1ST DOWN FS (21-Scissum, C.), clock 00:40. Great snap count from run blitzing Cuse LB blows up power, but pulling Bell manages to slow him up. Noles have tons more numbers on left and Patrick stumbles his way to an easy first down and then some.
1-10 at Fs35 21 Singleback 9S-Jacques Patrick rush over left tackle for 6 yards to the FS41 (23-Thomas, J.), clock 00:19. Inside zone. Patrick hits the hole hard, does a nice job changing direction in the hole and keeping his momentum. That isn't easy for a big back.
Drive: 3 plays, 23 yards, TOP 03:04