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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: Clemson week

Jimbo FIsher takes part in his weekly call-in show tonight at 7 PM, answering questions on the win over Syracuse and this weekend's game against Clemson.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jimbo Fisher returned to his weekly call-in show Wednesday night, answering questions on the win over Syracuse and this weekend's showdown with the Clemson Tigers. Here are some of takeaways from what Fisher had to say on the show:

Team health improving

Many questions from callers and audience members dealt with the health of the team entering their biggest game of the season to this point. Fisher seemed happy to report that many of the injury situations seem to be much improved from a week ago. Dalvin Cook practiced today, as he has all week, and Fisher followed up by saying that he gets healthier each day and Fisher hopes that he will be able to contribute when the Seminoles need him most. Terrance Smith's health seems to be improving significantly as well as Fisher confirmed that he has been able to practice and move laterally, his biggest concern, with good success. He believes that Smith will "be able to play and play well" against Clemson.

When is Fisher comfortable playing freshmen?

A question submitted from wondered if there was a tangible thing that Fisher wants to see out of a freshman before he is comfortable playing them in a game, referencing how Jacques Patrick only played in a limited role before last Saturday against Syracuse. Fisher answered that he wants to see a certain level of consistency in practice and that he wants to make sure that the player is ready for the big stage and doesn't rush them out there and hinder their confidence by letting their early play time go poorly. However, Fisher follows up that some positions (running backs in this situation) take more time as freshmen to get comfortable while some (the defensive players) are often more ready to play early in their careers.

Cook and Patrick together in the backfield?

Late in the show, Fisher was asked by an audience member if we could see Cook and Patrick together in the same backfield going forward after Patrick's emergence against Syracuse. Fisher admitted that he likes to run the "pony formation" which is Florida State's 2-RB formation and that we will likely see those two in that going forward, possibly as soon as this weekend, but that the formation worries him because one running back is delegated to blocking, which is something they are often not as comfortable with as a fullback or tight end and has the added risk of an injury on a non-carry. However, he stated that he will use it on occasion going forward.

For a full rundown of the show, check my updates in the comment section at the bottom of the page.