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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches, CFP

Find out where Florida State may be ranked when the polls are released on Sunday.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Update: FSU is 19th in the AP and 18th in the coaches poll.

Florida State will once again fall in the rankings after a 23-13 loss at Clemson

The 'Noles, #17 in the AP poll, were fortunate that there were three teams behind them that lost their games. #19 Ole Miss lost at home in overtime against Arkansas, #20 Toledo lost against Northern Illinois, and #25 TAMU lost to Auburn, all of which obviously are not to the level of Florida State's loss against #3 Clemson. At the end of the day, FSU should be ranked somewhere between #20 and #22.

In the coaches poll, Florida State came in two spots higher at #15. Once again, the ranked teams behind the 'Noles who lost were #19 Ole Miss, #20 Toledo and #24 TAMU. Due to the fact that Florida State was ranked higher in the coaches poll than the AP poll, as well as Clemson being ranked #5 instead of #3, the loss would seem to look worse with Florida State falling four or five spots.

Lastly, the poll that would look at the FSU loss the best, the College Football Playoff poll had the 'Noles ranked #15. #18 Ole Miss, #19 TAMU and #24 Toledo were the ranked teams to fall as well behind Florida State. Unlike the AP and coaches poll, Clemson is ranked #1 in the CFP poll and a 10-point loss in death valley may only drop Florida State to #18 or #19, but it would be extremely shocking to see them un-ranked.