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FSU vs Southeastern University: Game Thread

FSU takes the court for its 2nd and final exhibition

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I watch a lot of Division II basketball. The primary difference between the divisions is that D2 kids don't have the size or athleticism you find on D1 rosters. But they can play. If you don't believe me, ask a St. John's fan after they just watched their team lose by 32 to St. Thomas Aquinas College, or Iowa fans after Augustana's buzzer beater.

So credit the basketball staff for matching Florida State up with two really good Division II teams for exhibition games. Last week the Noles rolled an experienced team which was part of the D2 Sweet Sixteen last year, and now they face another ranked team in Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL). Good teams can expose weaknesses.

In the first exhibition game FSU just overpowered their opponent. FSU was too big, and too fast, and the Noles cruised in a game that was largely played in transition.

Expect Ham to slow the game down tonight. They'll still run when there's a clear advantage, but when not, look for FSU to slow it down and work on half court sets. Executing inbounds plays should be another focus.

And of course, the defense. FSU's deny defense is a beautiful thing to watch when it's run correctly, but it requires incredible effort and timing.

Southeastern University's season has already begun (they're 3-0), and they've won by bombing away from deep. They've attempted 24 3s per game, and knocked down 51% of their attempts. This should be a good test for the defense. Coincidentally, FSU's first really tough opponent will also be an undersized team who jacks a lot of 3s, so this will be excellent preparation for the game against Hofstra in 11 days.

Tonight's game is the annual fundraiser for the Aubrey Boyd Charitable Foundation, so do a Nole a solid and go pitch in a few bucks. Students will get in free.

There is no television or radio for the game.