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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU is ranking well

ESPN ranked the ease of recruiting at all 65 Power 5 conference teams with Florida State coming in just behind Florida at #8. Removing coaching from rankings puts an interesting spin on their list. After all most kids attend a school because of the head coach. I think the rankings are pretty good and you can only complain about moving teams a few spots either way. It also shows why the SEC is always leading the Power 5 conferences, especially early in the year. 8 of the top 25 schools are SEC schools.

Florida State coaches get paid

USA Today released their yearly report on coaches' salaries and FSU fares well again ranking in the top 10 in coaching salaries. Keep in mind not all universities make this information public. Once again the SEC dominates the list paying their assistants more than some schools pay their head coaches.

All-ACC Selections

The coaches released their All-ACC teams with Florida State placing 4 players on the list following Clemson's 5. These seem about as right as rewards get. Certainly cases can be made for other FSU players to show up but the fact they don't is better for the ACC, which is better for FSU.

ACC coaches vote to change bowl eligibility to 7-5

The folk over at TNIAAM do a nice job of breaking down why this move was made. If schools are losing money on bowls then this move makes a lot of sense. However, what might this do to the bowl system? Jason Kirk has you covered. 15 teams would miss out on bowls while 8 bowls would be contracted. Personally, that'd be a shame. Bowls are rewards and if people think there are too many they can just watch less.

Noles in the community

FSU stars Dalvin Cook and Derwin James visited a middle school to have a talk with students.


The big news of the night is that Janarius Robinson is sticking with his commitment to the Seminoles and is going to be an early enrollee. That's huge.

Jay Graham was in Grayson, GA, to visit c/o 2019 safety Kenyatta Watson II.