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Inside the box score: Florida State 75, Southeastern Louisiana 58

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

FSU 75, SELU 58 box score

1. SELU grabbed just eight offensive rebounds, and two of those were blocked shots which went out of bounds (allowing SELU to retain possession). For the year Florida State has now cleared 75% of the potential defensive rebounds, which makes the Noles the 36th best rebounding team in the nation. The best defensive rebounding team under coach Hamilton was the 2011 Sweet 16 team, which finished 106th nationally.

2. Terance Mann played 20 minutes, which ties his 2nd most for the year. He grabbed a career best six rebounds. While on the floor, he has now grabbed 13% of the potential offensive rebounds and 17.5% of the defensive. That (minutes not withstanding) makes him the best offensive rebounder to date on FSU, and the 2nd best defensive rebounder.

3. Xavier Rathan-Mayes matched his career high with 11 assists. This is the 3rd time, and 2nd this year, that he's had 11. His assist rate - 37% of the team's buckets while he's on the floor - is the best in the ACC and the 5th best among high major players.

4. FSU made just 23-55 shots yesterday, but this is a great example of why we ignore FG%. That statistic lost most of its value when the 3-pt shot was installed into the college game. It is beyond me why people insist on tracking shots of different values (2-pt and 3-pt) as the same. Why not throw in free throws as well? Instead, we use effective field goal percentage (eFG%) which gives greater weight to 3-pointers. On the season, FSU has made 55.5% of their 2s (27th nationally) and 33.8% of their 3s (174th), which gives them an eFG% of 54.0% (52nd). That is the highest for any FSU team since Al Thornton's senior year (27th).

5. Florida State's bench scored 41 points. Due to injuries, FSU's bench hasn't been as deep as coach Hamilton would like, but the Noles still get 37.4% of their minutes from bench players. This is well above the national average of 32.6%, and 2nd most in the ACC.