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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: Season review

Jimbo Fisher particiapted in his final call-in show of the 2015 season Wednesday night, answering questions from Florida State fans on the win over the Florida Gators, the upcoming bowl, and some looks back at the season that has been..

Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at their weekly call-in show.
Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at their weekly call-in show.
Curt Weiler

For the final time this season, Jimbo Fisher joined Gene Deckerhoff for his weekly call-in show Wednesday night, answering questions on the dominant win over the Florida Gators, as well as some looks at how this team performed as compared to Fisher's preseason expectations and a look forward to next year. Here are my takeaways from the last Fisher call-in show of the season.

Big senior season for Cason Beatty

Early in the show, Fisher went out of his way to cite not only the spectacular game that Beatty had on Saturday against UF but, even more so, to point out the incredible senior season he had. It's worth noting that what were probably Beatty's three best games this season came when the team was in a low-scoring game where field position played a crucial role (Boston College, Clemson, Florida). One caller to the show went so far as to name Beatty this season's specials teams MVP over Roberto Aguayo, praising not only his much improved punting but also his holds for Aguayo's field goals.

What are advantages of 2016 spring game being played in Orlando?

Fisher says that the upcoming games in Orlando are great for the South and Central Florida Seminole fans who can't always make the trip up to watch the team in Tallahassee. On the team level, he believes that it will be helpful for this year's early enrollees and the players who haven't yet had much in-game experience to play the spring game scrimmage in a road venue that will get them used to what games away from Doak are like even before next season begins. He also stated that it will likely help the team immensely to play in the same venue where they will open the 2016 season against Ole Miss.

Did this team meet Fisher's preseason expectations?

In the final segment of the show, Fisher was asked if this year's team met the expectations that he had set out for them in the preseason. Fisher started his answer by saying that he knew that he and his staff would need to be patient with this team entering the season, on account of the sheer amount of young players who would be called upon to contribute. However, he has been quite happy with the amount of leadership that stepped up this year to provide a good example and lead the way for the younger players. He finished by saying that although he knew an undefeated season was not really in the cards, due to the amount of inexperience, he has been greatly impressed by how well this young team has responded and that he is as proud of them as he would be of a championship-winning team.

For a full recap of tonight's show, check my updates in the comments section at the bottom of the page.