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Florida State football film review: Gators 1st quarter

Every play Florida State runs broken down with video. Only on Tomahawk Nation.

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Florida? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by the bowl game).

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D-D At Form Play Analysis
1-10 at Fs35 FS ball on FS35.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the UF0, B. Powell return 22 yards to the UF22 (Northrup, R.). The last not-deep kickoff of the night.
1-10 at Uf22 4-2-5 Tr. Harris sideline pass complete to D. Goolsby for 1 yard to the UF23, out-of-bounds. Z Spot play, with the flanker to the boundary running a spot route and the full back running a flat. FSU is blitzing the Star and Will backer. Terrence Smith has man coverage on the full back and is caught up with the spot route. The flat is wide open but Harris throws late and awkwardly leads the fullback out of bounds for almost no gain.
2-9 at Uf23 4-2-5 B. Powell rush up middle for 2 yards to the UF25 (LawrenceStample). Split zone. Terrence Smith fills aggressively but attacks the wrong side of the center's block, going backside instead of playside. NLS sheds and tackles the back as he goes by.
3-7 at Uf25 3-1-7 Tr. Harris pass incomplete, QB hurry by Smith, T.. FSU rushes the 3 DL and Smith, leaving Derwin James as a spy on Harris. Harris rolls out, James waits fo him to commit then hurries the throw. Great coverage downfield.
4-7 at Uf25 J. Townsend punt 53 yards to the FS22, James, D. return -2 yards to the FS20, out-of-bounds (K. Neal), PENALTY FS holding 10 yards to the FS10, FS ball on FS10, PENALTY UF personal foul (K. Neal) 15 yards to the FS25, 1st and 10. An excellent punt and yet, FSU's not pinned inside its own zone if not for a penalty. Then UF gets a personal foul.
Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 01:39
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:21, FS ball on FS25.
1-10 at Fs25 21 Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the FS26 (J. Ivie). Toss sweep. UF shows a 2 high look, then rotates the safety down into the box to the strong side just before the snap. Great job of establishing contain and squeezing from the back side by the UF defense.
2-9 at Fs26 21 TEAM rush for no gain to the FS26, fumble by TEAM recovered by FS Cook, D. at FS25. Lead zone play. UF's linebacker on the playside actually picks the wrong hole but blows up Kareem Are, knocking him to the ground in front of the full back's lead block. The fumble is on Dalvin as Magure puts it right in the pocket and Dalvin doesn't secure it.
3-10 at Fs25 10 Gun Maguire, S. deep in pass incomplete to Lane, E., QB hurry by B. Cox. Maguire has a decent pocket to stand in and deliver this throw, though he does get hit immediately afterwards. Looks like a deep curl route to Lane and he just missed it, think the hit made him throw it that poorly.
4-10 at Fs25 Beatty, C. punt 55 yards to the UF20, A. Callaway return 3 yards to the UF23 (James, D.;Gabbard, S.). Strong punt
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 01:32
1-10 at Uf23 FLORIDA drive start at 11:49.
1-10 at Uf23 4-2-5 Kel. Taylor rush over left guard for 20 yards to the UF43, 1ST DOWN UF (Ramsey, J.). FSU is in a 2 high look which requires the backers to cover 2 gaps. Terrance Smith overruns to the playside and is totally out of position when Taylor cuts it back. He needs to get downhill to narrow the angle between the two gaps and not overrun playside. Brutus is a little too aggressive flowing to the initial action as well.
1-10 at Uf43 4-2-5 Tr. Harris screen pass complete to B. Powell for 2 yards to the UF45 (Ramsey, J.;Sweat, J.). Flare screen to the back in the boundary. Reasonably sure they didn't intend to leave Jalen Ramsey unblocked, but they did. Josh Sweat makes an unreal reaction to get back in on the play as well.
2-8 at Uf45 4-2-5 Tr. Harris deep pass incomplete to A. Callaway. UF floods the zone into the boundary and gets a receiver wide open behind the corner but Harris misses the throw badly. This is part of what Harrris being so mobile does in taking the defense's attention, but the payoff is that he won't often hit them.
3-8 at Uf45 3-1-7 Tr. Harris sacked for loss of 7 yards to the UF38 (Smith, T.). Terrence Smith just whips the center to get in on Treon. Nothing Harris can do with pressure in his face like this.
4-15 at Uf38 J. Townsend punt 47 yards to the FS15, fair catch by Wilson, J., PENALTY FS holding (Brewton, C.) 7 yards to the FS8, 1st and 10, FS ball on FS8.
Drive: 4 plays, 15 yards, TOP 02:14 UF is consistently passing against 2 high defenses from FSU. They must not feel that they can block FSU's DL at all.
1-10 at Fs08 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:35.
1-10 at Fs08 20 Gun Pony Maguire, S. sideline pass complete to Cook, D. for 1 yard to the FS9 (J. Tabor;J. Davis). Play action slide route. Brandon Powell very smartly chips Cook on the route, forcing Maguire to delay his throw and allowing the secondary on the backside to recognize and react to the route.
2-9 at Fs09 11 Gun Maguire, S. sideline pass incomplete to Izzo, R.. FSU runs z spot to the boundary this time and Izzo drops the pass on the flat route. UF had is read and it would have been a short gain.
3-9 at Fs09 11 Gun Trey Maguire, S. deep pass incomplete to Rudolph, T.. UF rushes five, then a 6th rusher adds on when Cook stays in to block, collapsing the pocket and rushing Maguire's throw on the corner route. UF LB is holding Izzo all the way across the field. Maguire does need to make this throw, though. Not a good play.Would have totally flipped the field.
4-9 at Fs09 Beatty, C. punt 45 yards to the UF46, downed.
Drive: 3 plays, 1 yards, TOP 00:58
1-10 at Uf46 FLORIDA drive start at 08:37.
1-10 at Uf46 4-2-5 Tr. Harris sideline pass complete to J. Scarlett for 1 yard to the UF47, out-of-bounds. FSU does not align properly to an unbalanced line, but UF runs a play action roll out. The flat route is open but Treon holds the ball so long that the fullback can't turn upfield by the time he catches the ball.
2-9 at Uf47 4-2-5 Kel. Taylor rush up middle for 3 yards to the 50 yardline (Northrup, R.;Nnadi, D.). Inside zone and FSU has everybody walked up into the box. Rick Leonard is playing defensive tackle and gets moved out of the lane, but it is filled well by Smith and Northrup.
3-6 at Uf50 4-2-5 Tr. Harris sideline pass complete to J. Mcgee for 8 yards to the FS42, 1ST DOWN UF, out-of-bounds (Brutus, L.). Speed out to the tight end being covered by Brutus. Brutus is a little slow to react to the out cut but the amount of cushion he's giving in this alignment makes it an easy completion.
1-10 at Fs42 4-2-5 Tr. Harris screen pass complete to A. Callaway for 5 yards to the FS37 (Brutus, L.;Pugh, J.). Screen to the boundary is read and chased down by Nnadi. Ramsey slips, allowing Calloway to get the corner.
2-5 at Fs37 4-2-5 Kel. Taylor rush over left guard for 9 yards to the FS28, 1ST DOWN UF (Ramsey, J.). This is reasonably well defended, especially given that FSU only has 6 in the box, Terrence Smith just misses the tackle.
1-10 at Fs28 4-2-5 Tr. Harris sideline pass complete to Kel. Taylor for 5 yards to the FS23 (Ramsey, J.), PENALTY UF illegal formation (D. Sharpe) 5 yards to the FS33, NO PLAY. UF runs a trick formation, hoping FSU will misidentify the eligible receivers and turn somebody loose. There's actually a vertical open in the slot but Harris throws to the boundary which is well covered. Illegal formation as UF's tackle, who is ineligible, is on the end of the line of scrimmage. On a pass play, the last player on either end of the line of scrimmage must be an eligible receiver. UF also only has 5 men on the line of scrimmage when there must be 7, so this is an illegal formation multiple ways.
1-15 at Fs33 4-2-5 Kel. Taylor rush over left guard for 3 yards to the FS30 (LawrenceStample). Split zone and Terrence Smith misreads it, chasing the tight end pulling across the formation and getting out of his gap. Nice job of shedding by NLS.
2-12 at Fs30 Timeout Florida, clock 04:43.
2-12 at Fs30 4-2-5 Tr. Harris rush quarterback draw for no gain to the FS30 (Sweat, J.). ET twist gets Sweat a free run at Harris on the QB draw. Just a total bust by the UF OL.
3-12 at Fs30 Timeout Florida, clock 03:52.
3-12 at Fs30 3-1-7 Tr. Harris screen pass complete to Kel. Taylor for 10 yards to the FS20 (White, M.). Screen is a good call against FSU's stand up DL look. Marquez White saves the first down with the shoestring tackle.
4-2 at Fs20 Timeout Florida State, clock 03:03.
4-2 at Fs20 4-2-5 Team rush for loss of 6 yards to the FS26, fumble by Team recovered by UF Tr. Harris at FS26. Demarcus Walker just completely whips the guard, coming almost unblocked and forcing Harris to scramble and stumble for a loss after the bad snap.
Drive: 9 plays, 28 yards, TOP 05:38 UF is not going to get many scoring chances better than that. Huge to hold them without points there.
1-10 at Fs26 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:59.
1-10 at Fs26 10 Gun Maguire, S. sideline pass complete to Cook, D. for no gain to the FS26, out-of-bounds (K. Neal). FSU is using the orbit motion to try and force a rotation from UF's defense and manufacture 1 on 1s on the back side. Just great coverage by UF.
2-10 at Fs26 11 Gun Trey Maguire, S. middle pass complete to Izzo, R. for 29 yards to the UF45, 1ST DOWN FS (J. Davis). Rollout to the field, throwback into the boundary. Izzo and Cook are both held up on their routes, screwing up the timing and resulting in Izzo and Cook being in the same place. I believe this throw was intended for Cook and had the potential to be a huge play if Izzo doesn't intercept it.
1-10 at Uf45 11 Tight Wilson, J. rush reverse for 2 yards to the UF43 (J. Sherit). Reverse has a chance to go if Izzo gets the right leverage on his block. He doesn't and Wilson is forced to cut inside.
2-8 at Uf43 11 Cook, D. rush up middle for loss of 2 yards to the UF45 (J. Davis;B. Poole). Maguire changes the play to power and it's not blocked correctly. With no fullback leading through the hole, the playside linebacker is completely unblocked. Not sure if Izzo on the wing is supposed to lead or if this is just a check Maguire should not make from this formation.
3-10 at Uf45 10 Gun Trips Maguire, S. crossing pass incomplete to Lane, E.. 3 Verts, trying to hit Lane on the crosser underneath. It was there but the throw was low and Lane drops it. A better throw and catch gets the first down.
4-10 at Uf45 Beatty, C. punt 34 yards to the UF11, fair catch by V. Hargreaves.
Drive: 5 plays, 29 yards, TOP 02:49
1-10 at Uf11 FLORIDA drive start at 00:10.
1-10 at Uf11 4-2-5 Kel. Taylor rush over left guard for 3 yards to the UF14 (LawrenceStample). Zone read. Harris drops the snap so he can't make a read and barely makes the handoff. FSU continues to contain UF's run game without committing a safety on first down.