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Ricky Aguayo isn't afraid to follow in his brother's footsteps at FSU

The future Florida State legacy is embracing the challenge.

Three-star kicker Ricky Aguayo, a top-ten national kicking prospect, has been all about FSU for some time, and he's primed to make it official soon by early enrolling in Tallahassee.

Aguayo will head north to Tallahassee from IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida as one of a pair of kicking prospects destined for FSU.

The timing is quite interesting, as Aguayo could be taking a step toward Tallahassee while his predecessor and older brother Roberto heads out: myriad FSU fans are waiting on pins and needles to hear if the latter will leave early for the NFL Draft.

We caught up with Aguayo during the Under-Armour All-American festivities on Monday, and you can watch the video above, in which Aguayo compares his game to his brother's, talks a little golf, and confirms his solid commitment to Florida State. He also answers the big question: is he a Ricky or a Rick?