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Florida State football: How next year's CFB playoff tickets are driving down price for Peach bowl

The Peach Bowl ticket retention policy, which has been in effect for the entirety of the bowl's lifespan, has affected the second-hand ticket market for this year's Peach Bowl.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

If you have considered buying tickets to this year's Peach Bowl, you may have checked the second-hand ticket market to see if tickets were less expensive on StubHub or any of the other second-hand ticket websites. And if you have checked on any of these sites, you would likely be shocked to find tickets available for significantly less than their face value. As of the time of this writing, the cheapest Peach Bowl ticket available on Stubhub costs $16.73, a markdown of $83.27 from the $100 face value that Ticketmaster has listed for the ticket. In all, there are 175 tickets currently on StubHub for $20 or less and countless more available on these sites for a steep discount.

But why are so many of these tickets posted on second-hand sites at such a substantial markdown? Much of that could likely be contributed to the Peach Bowl's ticket renewal and retention program, which allows those who buy tickets to the Peach Bowl through one of the official methods to ensure the right to renew their tickets for the following year's Peach Bowl.

Here's a full description of the policy:

To obtain renewal rights for the Semifinal next year, a buyer must have done one of the following things:
-       Purchased tickets directly through the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl office during our renewal period
-       Purchased tickets through the Bowl's website or over the phone
-       Purchased Primary Tickets, not Resale, through the Bowl's link

Any tickets bought through the participating universities or secondary ticket market (TicketExchange, PrimeSport, StubHub, Premier Seats, etc.) will NOT retain renewal rights next year because those tickets are obligated to the contracted ticket block for future teams.

"Our renewal rate typically averages around 92%", a Peach Bowl representative confirmed. He further stated that there has been a significant interest in the ticket program this year, due to the 2016 Peach Bowl serving as one of the semifinals for the College Football Playoff.

The importance of next year's Peach Bowl, as well as the unknown of who the four teams in the 2016 playoff will be, has caused fans of multiple programs from across the South to buy tickets to this year's Peach Bowl to ensure they will have the right to purchase tickets for next year. However, few of those ticket-buyers have any vested interest in this year's game, and that has caused a much larger supply of tickets on the second-hand market than there is a demand for, driving prices down to upwards of 80% of the face value.

Despite the Florida State fanbase's ability to purchase tickets at a significant discount from ticket resale sites, Jim Henry of the Tallahassee Democrat reported December 20th that FSU has sold or distributed 11,500 of its 13,000 Peach Bowl tickets, a very promising trend for the Seminoles as New Years' Eve approaches.

Although StubHub may have the cheapest seats, buying tickets through Florida State ensures that you will be seated near fellow Florida State fans. However, with one of the CFP semifinals taking place in Atlanta next year and FSU returning a very talented team in 2016, buying through Ticketmaster is the only way to secure seats at next year's Peach Bowl, where Florida State may be competing in the playoff for the second time.