Can Bud do a Nolecast episode?

Was hoping Bud and Ingram would make another episode of the Nolecast and address all these coaches changes (now that some of them are starting to become more concrete), and also address any coaches who might decide to leave us for another program, and/or maybe someone Jimbo has identified from another staff that he'd like to bring in. The details of Richt's contract, is that he has supposedly agreed to about 4 million a year, which is surprising Miami was willing to spend that much. I guess the big question is, does that mean Miami is willing to shell out more money for the rest of the staff, and/or on upgrading their facilities.

I'd also like to know their thoughts on all these coaches changes, and what it is going to do with recruiting. Zach McCloud looks like he will re-commit back to Miami, and I'm sure Richt will take some recruits with him from Georgia. But I'm interested if all these coaching changes will help FSU out or if Smart taking over Georgia, Richt at Miami, Fuente at VT (potentially locking down the DMV area), will end up hurting FSU. He could break it down to short-term (this 2016 recruiting class), and what these coaching changes could do to future classes.

We seem to have a decent amount of threads going on right now with a lot of people asking questions, so I didn't know if this thread could be a place for people to post comments for topics they would like Bud and Ingram to address (if they are doing a Nolecast episode soon). Thoughts?

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