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Inside the box score: Iowa 78, FSU 75

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa 78 FSU 75 box score

1. Boris Bojanovsky kept FSU in the game. His six offensive rebounds moved him to 10th in the ACC in OR%, and he's 4th among 15 regulars who are 6-10 or taller. He had the 4th double-double of his career, and matched his career high with three assists. Most importantly, he provided a solid back line when the FSU perimeter got burned by Mike Gessell's penetration. On Iowa's final possession in regulation, the Hawkeyes went back to the drive-and-kick well, but Bojo's positioning caused him to throw the pass off the back of the backboard. Unfortunately, due to Michael Ojo's injury, Bojo was forced to play 31 minutes and was gassed by the beginning of OT.

2. FSU grabbed 19 offensive rebounds, which was 39% of their own misses. Unfortunately, they had a difficult time scoring off of these boards. The Noles had just 13 2nd chance points, which was a dismal 0.68 point per extended possession. If one of those bunnies had gone down in regulation, then FSU would have a signature ooc win.

3. Iowa had 12 offensive rebounds, which was 29% of their own misses (the national average is 31%). Adam Woodbury, their 7-0 center, accounted for five of those offensive boards. Many came late in the game when Boris Bojanovsky was worn down. One of the strengths of last year's team was being able to rotate Bojo and Michael Ojo in the middle in order to wear down the opposition centers. Unfortunately, that's not an option this year, and Coach Hamilton said this weekend that there is still no timetable for Ojo's return.

4. FSU lost 78-75 in a 77 possession game. The 1.01 points per possession for Iowa was just behind their worst effort of the year (1.00 vs Notre Dame at Disney World). It was Iowa's 2nd worst offensive output at home in two years. FSU's defense is now rated in the top 40 for the first time since 2011-12.

5. There were 21 lead changes in last night's game. Seven of those came in overtime. FSU is a young team (273rd nationally in experience) and one definite positive from the game is that the team never allowed Iowa to build a comfortable lead. The most Iowa ever led by was five.