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Florida State v. Houston Peach Bowl tickets fall below $20

Houston has had attendance problems all year, and it shows in the Peach Bowl's ticket demand against Florida State.

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Back when the College Football Playoff was created, the Group of 5 (conferences other than the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12 and SEC) was guaranteed a spot in one of the New Year's Six bowls. This year, that would have meant the Fiesta or the Peach, and since the Fiesta Bowl got stuck with Boise State last year, it was the Peach Bowl's turn to absorb the blow.

That meant the Peach Bowl got Houston, as the Cougars are the highest-ranked Go5 team. Selecting FSU was a great choice as the Seminoles have a fanbase that travels well within the Southeast and Atlanta is a major alumni base for Florida State.

The demand for tickets compared to the other NY6 bowls, however, is almost non-existent. Tickets are now selling for less than $20 on StubHub. The other bowls cost four to six times as much just to get in the door (Fiesta $114, Sugar $129, Orange $139, Cotton $166, Rose $612!!).

Florida State is asking for $150 per ticket if bought through the school, but for that price much better seats can be found on StubHub, like seats a few rows up on the 40-yard line, or in the club section.

While FSU fans aren't exactly thrilled with the matchup, the greater issue is Houston's lack of fans.

This isn't entirely surprising, as Houston has had attendance problems all year, unable to fill its 40,000-seat stadium. It got to the point where coach Tom Herman complained about it publicly.

"To me," Herman said, "we're not selling out every home game. I would ask why? What more do you need to see? You need a better product on field or more exciting game? I'm confused when I ask Cougar Nation why are you not at every home game? I get some blank stares sometimes because the answer is ‘Coach, I don't have a reason.' There isn't a good reason."

After that, the attendance did improve a bit, but Houston sill averaged only 34,000 fans per game, less than half of what FSU averages.