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Florida State assistants paid seventh-most in college football for 2015

Florida State's coaching salaries are very competitive, especially considering the Sunshine State's lack of state income tax.

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today released its annual college football coaching salary survey Wednesday and the results were hardly surprising.

"The average assistant coaching salary in the SEC this year came in just over $447,000, a number that eclipses 12 FBS head coaches."

But Florida State was very competitive, coming in seventh at $4,284,800, an average of $476,088, good for seventh in the country.

LSU paid 29 percent more than FSU, Auburn 28 percent more, Alabama 22 percent more, and Georgia 12 percent more. No other schools paid significantly more than the Seminoles. It's worth noting that Auburn is so high on the list because it paid Will Muschamp $1.6M per year, and it is not expected to throw around that sort of crazy cash for its next head coach now that Will Muschamp is at South Carolina. Auburn is pursuing FSU defensive coordinator Charles Kelly but our sources do not expect him to leave, though he may be in line for a raise from the Seminoles after leading a defense that has held every opponent under 25 points.

You can check out how much each of FSU's coaches made using our Florida State Coaching Salary Tracker.

The main area in which FSU lags behind the four huge SEC payers is in its coordinator pay. Jimbo Fisher is still the true offensive coordinator for the Seminoles, so FSU is not about to pay its offensive coordinator $1M, and Charles Kelly's defense was disappointing in 2014, so it would have been unreasonable to pay him like a long-time proven star coordinator in the $1.2-1.5M range coming off of the 2014 season.

LSU's coordinators make a combined $2.53M, more than 70 percent of the staffs in college football, while Alabama and Auburn's coordinators made about $2.2-2.3M combined.

Florida State's coaches are very well compensated, especially its position coaches. All make at least $338,000. And given that Florida has no state income tax, and that job security in the ACC is a lot greater than it is in the SEC, Tallahassee is a pretty attractive place to work under Jimbo Fisher.