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Inside the box score: Duke 73, FSU 70

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Duke 73 FSU 70 box score

1. Michael Ojo scored one point and it was perhaps his best game of his career. Playing 21 minutes against the likely No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, Ojo was able to limit Okafor to just five shot attempts, which was his low for the season. Ojo was far too physical for Okafor. I've watched a lot of Duke games this year, and that was the first red flag I've seen in terms of Okafor's NBA success. Ojo also had nine rebounds and came up with three big blocks, all against guards taking the ball to the rim.

2. Robbie Berwick came up huge with back to back NBA threes to cut a nine point lead to three. In ACC play Berwick is now shooting 38% from the arc, compared to 21% in out of conference play. Is this a short term anomaly, or is Berwick developing into that second shooter (from the grassy knoll) that FSU desperately needs to spread out defenses?

3. Devon Bookert scored a career high 23 points. Known as a 3-point specialist and not much of a driver, Bookert bucked his trend and consistently broke down Duke's quartet of McDonald's All American guards off the dribble. Bookert made 3-4 2s and ended up going to the line 12 times. He also tied a season high with six assists.

4. The attendance was 11,498, and at times, the Tuck was rocking (not so sure about the overrated chants). Many of the players have commented about how great it felt to play in front of a large home crowd.

5. Duke won 73-70 in a 63 possession game. FSU scored 1.11 per possession, which was just the 5th time this year that anyone scored 1.1 or more versus Duke. After struggling through the first 20 minutes, FSU made adjustments at half and scored 46 points in 32 second half possessions (1.44 per possession). Unfortunately, it was three points shy of what they needed.