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Florida State NFL Draft 2015: Mike Mayock on FSU prospects

The following come from Mike Mayock's conference call with media Monday.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Q. Mike, my question is about the Buccaneers with the first overall pick. You and a lot of scouts concerns about the two quarterbacks at the top of the draft. How difficult is this of a pick for them considering they need a quarterback, yet there's questions with both of the guys at the top?

MIKE MAYOCK: Yeah, I don't envy Jason [Licht] and Lovie [Smith] and that group, their decision, because there's a consensus top two at the quarterback position, but there's contrasting issues with both of them. Obviously with Jameis Winston, my concern number one is on the field. That is I think he throws too many interceptions. However, I can see everything I want on the field, on tape, beyond that. He's a pocket aware guy. He throws with anticipation and timing, which is unusual in today's college football world. He's tough. He gets smacked in the face. He delivers the football.

I think the bigger concern is whether or not this guy can be the face of your franchise. Let's face it. He was the face of the Florida State franchise and that didn't stop him from making a bunch of bad decisions off the field.

With the other quarterback, Marcus Mariota, you don't have any worries off the field, and all the individual components are there. He's athletic. He's got a big arm. He's 6'4", 215 pounds. He's got great feet. He's going to run 4:5, 4:55. All the individual components are available. However, can he put them together in a pro style offense where he has to throw with anticipation, has to go through progressions? They've got a ton of homework ahead of them, and I think both quarterbacks have question marks. The third issue is then do you go to the best position player available? Who is the highest rated football player on your board? My gut tells me they're going to go with the quarterback. At this point I would guess it's Jameis Winston just because he fits what they do more.

Q. Florida State has a lot of players in this year's combine and draft. On the defensive side, I'm especially interested in hearing what you have to say about Ronald Darby and also Mario Edwards, as well as how the thin draft at safety might impact somebody like P.J. Williams who could also project there. I'm curious on the defensive side.

MIKE MAYOCK: I think P.J. Williams could still be a first-round corner at the end of the day because of his length. Some teams are looking at him inside, but I think most of the teams will continue to look at him outside in the NFL's continuing quest to get longer.

The Darby kid is interesting. He's quick. Played a lot of games there. I think he's more of kind of a third, fourth round corner. I do like him in certain areas. Some teams are looking at him inside, also as a nickel.

You mentioned Mario Edwards. From my perspective, he's an intriguing prospect because he flashes talent but not consistency. If he was a more consistent player, I think we'd be talking about him a little bit higher in the draft. I like his height, weight, speed, but I think he's going to be more a third-round pick.

The other defensive tackle (Goldman) is probably going to be a first-round pick.

Q. On the offensive side, Florida State has two guards coming out. Tre Jackson and Josue Matias who are going to be compared to each other and other players in this draft. Where do you project them as players? Where can they help themselves coming into this combine process? The final guy is Rashad Greene, the wide receiver, what he can do at the combine, where he projects, as well.

MIKE MAYOCK: Tre Jackson is my number five interior offensive lineman. I have him in the second round. Liked what I saw at the Senior Bowl. Most of the Florida State guys kind of pegged out of it at the end. I understand it's a long season. But this kid came to the Senior Bowl ready to play.

I think the fact that he showed up and he showed up with an attitude helped a lot with the NFL scouts. Solid second-round pick.

Matias, I don't think he is quite at the level. I have him as a borderline third or fourth round offensive guard.

The wide receiver, Rashad Greene, he gets overlooked a little bit too much. His production got better every single year. He's one of the best route runners in this year's class. He's quick. He understands the game. He has good hands. What he needs to show this week is some speed. Everybody knows his quickness. I think most of the teams want to know what he runs that 40 in.