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Linebacker recruit Emmett Rice excited about commitment to FSU

Following his Junior Day visit, LB Emmett Rice was glowing about his recent decision to commit to Florida State.

FSU LB commit Emmett Rice before an extremely cold Junior Day.
FSU LB commit Emmett Rice before an extremely cold Junior Day.
Dustin Tackett

On a relatively slow National Signing Day, regarding a 2015 class that had already made its mark, Florida State added a 2016 commitment from Miami Norland four-star outside linebacker Emmett Rice.

During the FSU Booster's annual Signing Day party, while the football staff relished its accomplishments with the 2015 class, tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Tim Brewster mentioned the Seminoles, after their 2015 accomplishments, had even picked up a commitment for the 2016 class. Brewster did not mention the name, but Rice soon announced his commitment through Twitter.

On Saturday, the 6-foot-3, 195-pounder made his first visit to campus since that announcement.

"I was very comfortable, it made me feel like I was home," Rice said. "It made me feel like I made the right choice. It felt like family. I felt like I was at Norland."

"It's FSU - who wouldn't wanna commit to FSU? Now I see that I made the right choice, now that I got up here and experienced everything for myself. I was hearing all the rumors, but now I got to experience it for myself and I really love it."

While on campus, Rice was able to tour the facilities, meet with some current players and get a feel for what being a student athlete at FSU is all about.

"The facilities are nice and the indoor field - everything is nice," Rice said. "I was talking to Dalvin [Cook}, talking about back when he played high school and how we played against each other. We was reminiscing about stuff like that."

While Rice spent most of his time touring and with coach Brewster - the member of the staff he has the closest relationship with - he was also able to meet the newest member of FSU's staff, defensive ends coach Brad Lawing, and they didn't hesitate to talk football; scheme.

"I talked to [Lawing] too," Rice said. "He was really going over like how you break down on pass protection, all of the stunts and stuff. That's what he was talking about."

Rice is the first linebacker to make his commitment to FSU's 2016 class.