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Florida State football recruiting 2016 class needs

Florida State just signed a great class of 2015 recruits, and already the coaches are deep into the 2016 evaluation cycle. Here is a look at what FSU will likely need at each spot.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Note: this article is not going to address specific current 2016 commitments, of which FSU has a few. It is purely a look at the numbers FSU needs to achieve. Also note that all players are projected to qualify, per Jimbo Fisher, and that this article operates on that assumption.

Florida State will return four scholarship quarterbacks in 2015 (classifying John Franklin III as a receiver as that is where he practices most often). It could lose one to attrition, but is expected to take just one QB in the class.

Florida State returns 18 skill position players in 2016, and is not slated to lose anyone to graduation. But with that much talent clustered, there is only so much playing time to go around, and attrition of at least one should be expected. Given that, look for Florida State to take at least five skill position players, including at least two receivers, a tight end and a running back.

13 linemen return for Florida State and attrition of one or two should be expected. Florida State will likely look to sign three to four offensive linemen, giving it a total of roughly 14 signed over the 2014-16 classes.

FSU will bring back 13 defensive linemen in 2016, and attrition of two is reasonable. Look for Florida State to sign four or five including at least two ends and two tackles.

Six linebackers return for FSU and attrition of one or none is reasonable, meaning Florida State will look to take two or three true backers in 2016.

Florida State returns 12 defensive backs in 2016 and attrition of one or two is reasonable, meaning Florida State will likely be in the market for four or five defensive backs.

FSU also needs a punter and may need a kicker if Roberto Aguayo forgoes his fifth year to enter the NFL draft. Of course, it could elect for a walk-on at one of the spots.

In all, the class projects to have around 23 or 24 signees.

QB 1
RB 1-2
WR 2-3
TE 1
OL 3-4
DL 4-5
LB 2-3
DB 4-5
ST 2