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Notable changes in Florida State football player weights

Florida State football released its updated roster in anticipation of spring practice beginning Wednesday. Tomahawk Nation looks at some of the notable changes.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

For starters, all of our projections as to redshirts in the Florida State eligibility tracker proved to be correct, with the exception that FSU is listing Demarcus Christmas as a RFr. We'll have to check on that. Florida State has no seniors on offense, and eight on defense, though only four project to be starters.

Backfield: Fullback Freddie Stevenson went from a listed 237 to 244, which should be helpful with Florida State needing to lean on the run game more in 2015. Mario Pender went from a listed 193 to 204.

Receivers/Tight Ends: WR Isaiah Jones is down from 198 to 194, which is curious since he missed the 2014 season due to academics. Jones definitely has room on his 6'4 frame, but in his third year in the program is still under 200 pounds. Tight end Ryan Izzo went from 236 to 243, tight end Mavin Saunders from 252 to 258.

OL: Chad Mavety 315 to 327 (interesting number since Jimbo Fisher praised him recently for slimming down. I personally believe the previous number of 315 was way off, having compared Mavety to other OL last year in person. It is possible he slimmed down to 327), C Ryan Hoefeld 290 to 293, C Alec Eberle 282 to 294, Kareem Are 325 to 330, OG Wilson Bell 309 to 318, OT Brock Ruble down from 324 to 313 (lost some baby fat, it appears, from the pictures). OT Roderick Johnson down to 312 from 330.

Interior DL: Defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample went from 314 to 323, which is significant since he lost strength during the 2014 season after suffering a pectoral injury. Keith Bryant, who sources say has shown better effort in the weight room this year, is down from 319 to 304. Rick Leonard up to 277 from 268 (Leonard is 6'7 and could play 5-tech).

Linebackers/Edge players: JACK linebacker Jacob Pugh went from 236 to 247, which is important for him to be able to play more downs against the run. Fellow edge rusher Lorenzo Featherston went from 6'7, 220 to 6'7, 229, a slow, but noticeable climb. Linebacker Delvin Purifoy went from 237 to 254, which at barely 6'2, is a lot of weight to carry as a linebacker coming off an ankle injury. It will be interesting to see if that is good weight. Matthew Thomas went from 218 to 223, which seems like a minimal gain for the junior who is projected to start. Terrance Smith went from 222 to 231.

Defensive backs: Marquez White went from 172 to 179, which is still skinny, but giving up basketball had to have helped there a bit.

Freshmen: Florida State had some ridiculous listed weights for the early-enrolled freshmen as of a month ago, but now has updated numbers. WRs -- George Campbell 6'3, 197; Da'Vante Phillips 6'1, 203. DB Derwin James 6'2, 212; Calvin Brewton 6'0, 178. OL Ethan Frith 6'7, 299 (not 334 or whatever it read a few weeks ago, haha). DE Josh Sweat 6'5, 226 (Sweat blew out his knee, tearing his ACL and discloating the knee last fall and will not be taking part in spring ball). RB Jacques Patrick 6'1, 232. QB De'Andre Johnson 6'0 (not 6'2), 177.