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Matthew Thomas, Chris Casher to miss spring with shoulder injuries

Jimbo Fisher informed the media Friday afternoon that both Matthew Thomas and Chris Casher will miss the spring with shoulder injuries.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Thomas and Chris Casher will both miss the remainder of spring practice with shoulder injuries, FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher said on Friday.

Casher, according to Fisher, has already had surgery. Thomas has not yet had surgery but is expected to do so.\

"Matthew's got a separated shoulder, probably gonna have to have surgery," Fisher said. "It's too loose. We're gonna have to end up fixing it."

"Chris had the shoulder. Chris had shoulder surgery, he won't be out here all spring. He had off-season shoulder (surgery) right after the season, so he won't be ready until after."

With the limited depth at the linebacker position, Thomas's injury serves as more of a blow to FSU's defense and it'll be crucial for him to get healthy before the season begins.

The one bright spot in all of this is that it is the spring and that leaves plenty of time for these injuries to heal up before the beginning of college football season.