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Florida State Baseball Hosts South Florida

Florida State (8-3) remained undefeated at home this season with a sweep this past weekend and now have a pair of mid-week games against USF (6-4-1) starting this afternoon at 4PM.

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The last time the Seminoles lost three games within the first month of the season was 2009, so when Florida State dropped three of their first seven games some fans wrote the season off. But the Seminoles rebounded winning a midweek game against Jacksonville and a series sweep against UNC Wilmington in which they were losing at some point in each game. For a series recap check out this article.


Watching games it does appear that the Florida State offense is struggling this season and there are certain players that of course are but when you compare the numbers to last season it is not as bad as you think. There will be more to come on that with this weekend's preview but if and when the offense cuts down on the number of strikeouts the offense could really break out.

The Seminoles offense is second in the nation in walks and has an on-base percentage and slugging percentage both over .400 while the Bulls have a .332 on-base percentage. To make matters worse South Florida strikes out twice as much as they walk which might be acceptable if you hit for a lot of power, the Bulls do not hit for a lot of power as a .322 slugging percentage indicates.


In last week's preview the relief pitching was called out for having an awful performance to date, they stepped up tremendously this past weekend and were they key to the Seminoles sweep.

In 31 relief innings the bullpen is allowing more that hit per inning (9.29 H/9) and what is really alarming is the 24 walks issued in only 31 innings.

This past weekend that bullpen threw 14 innings allowing only 1 earned run on 9 hits and even more remarkable was the 20 strikeouts to only 2 walks allowed.

Unfortunately the bullpen's success meant that the starting pitching had a set back as Saturday starter Boomer Biegalski was the only starter to pitch through the fourth inning. Freshman Cobi Johnson might not be ready for spot in the weekend rotation and Friday's Mike Compton does not have the makeup to be an ace. This means that the next two Tuesday and Wednesday games should be an open tryout for other pitchers to earn a shot in the weekend rotation. That begins tonight when freshman righty Drew Carlton makes his sixth appearance and first start of his career.

Game 12 - USF March 3

First Pitch: 4:00 p.m. ET

FSU Starter: RHP, Drew Carlton (0-0, 2.160 ERA)

USF Starter: RHP, Brandon Lawson (0-0, 4.91 ERA)

Radio: 106.1 FM - Tallahassee

TV/Internet: ESPN3

Game 13 - USF March 4

First Pitch: 4:00 p.m. ET

FSU Starter: TBA

USF Starter: TBA

Radio: 106.1 FM - Tallahassee

TV/Internet: ESPN3

If you are looking for solid defense tonight and tomorrow good luck. There are 279 teams in college baseball with fewer errors than the Seminoles and Bulls so far this season.

Rank Team G E PCT
1 Alcorn 10 42 0.888
2 Eastern Mich. 13 32 0.936
3 Texas St. 12 30 0.942
4 Texas Southern 12 28 0.943
5 Prairie View 11 28 0.932
6 UNC Asheville 10 27 0.935
7 Savannah St. 12 26 0.939
8 Ga. Southern 12 25 0.947
9 South Fla. 11 25 0.945
10 Florida St. 11 25 0.941
11 Citadel 10 25 0.936

What coaches thought could be the best defensive team in years has turned out to be a complete disaster on the field. I highly doubt the defensive woes will continue with this frequency but the high amount of errors is to be expected. The left side of the defense is breaking in two freshmen who have accounted for 32% of the total errors while all the freshmen have accounted for 48% of the total errors.

Tuesday and Wednesday's games are both on ESPN3 starting at 4PM and we will of course have your play by play right here.

Go Noles!