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Florida State football spring practice report: 4/1

The Seminoles took to the practice facility Wednesday afternoon to continue spring practice.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jimbo Fisher spoke after practice, announcing that Freddie Stevenson will miss the remainder of spring after a leg injury suffered during the scrimmage.

The Florida State Seminoles returned to the practice facility Wednesday afternoon to continue spring practice. Players were in full pads.

The following players were not participating: Chad Mavety (boot), Terrance Smith (boot), Calvin Brewton and Mavin Saunders. Ryan Hoefeld and Derrick Kelly were not there.

Alec Eberle continued to take first team reps at center, and even took second team reps as the backup right guard. The backup right guard position will likely go to Derrick Kelly when he's around, and that's for the best because Eberle did not look very good there. Brock Ruble remains at right tackle in Mavety's absence.

Bobo Wilson and Mario Pender were working as the first team kick return duo with Travis Rudolph and Dalvin Cook working as the second. But the third team made of of Jalen Ramsey and George Campbell may be the most intriguing. One would assume Ramsey can lay a mean block and Campbell was a star as a kick returner in high school.

The defense didn't have any changes on Wednesday, but there seemed to be more of an emphasis on getting Ryan Green up to speed. Green shadowed Marquez White, and White spent quite a bit of time explaining a number of things to Green about necessary technique. A couple members of the staff also spent some one-on-one time with Green, helping him along the way. While all of this was going on, Green took reps as White's backup.

The running back corps seems to have all hands on deck and look good running drills with all its different pieces. This group should be something to be excited about. Lots of different possibilities here.

Jimbo Fisher will speak following Wednesday's practice and we''ll bring you any updates.