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FSU beats Florida in football, baseball, basketball series for first time in 35 years

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State's dramatic walk-off win in the 12th inning wasn't just important for FSU's baseball seeding. It capped a series of events that hadn't happened since perhaps before some of the parents of the players were even born:

Florida State beat Florida for the season in football, basketball and baseball. The last time that happened? The 1979-1980 season.

And just like the baseball game, the other wins were dramatic, single-score victories as well, with basketball winning 65-63 and football 24-19, each coming down to the wire in the fourth quarter.

The margin back in 1979 wasn't quite as dramatic, with football winning 27-16 and hoops 87-70. FSU took the baseball series 2-1.

Some legendary names were coaching back then, of course, as it was Bobby Bowden's fourth season coaching the football team and Mike Martin of the baseball team.

FSU fans probably didn't imagine that it would be 35 years until the next sweep, given that they accomplished the feat in the 1978-79 year as well.