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Florida State Seminoles Baseball Host Pitt Panthers

Florida State (27-12, 11-7) will look to carry on the momentum created this past Tuesday with a home series against Pittsburgh (14-21, 6-12).

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In 19 games between the Florida State and Pitt the Noles have never lost, it would be nice if that streak could continue past this weekend before they start a brutal stretch of weekend series. After this weekend the Seminoles travel to Miami, then host Coastal Carolina, travel to Louisville and finish with Clemson at home.

Pittsburgh Florida State
Nat. Rk Stat Nat. Rk
258 0.247 BA 0.261 199
205 0.345 OBP 0.399 14
120 0.389 SLG 0.409 81
0.754 OPS 0.808
198 4.9 R/G 7.0 29
94 3.9 ERA 4.07 111
112 8.96 H/9 9.18 136
75 7.90 K/9 8.90 17
24 2.65 BB/9 3.39 64
17 3.00 K:BB 2.64 90
202 0.961 Field% 0.959 229

On paper the matchup looks similar to the series with Notre Dame last weekend, the Noles have a large edge in offense while both staffs appear to be similar. To expect the same results as last weekend would be extremely unlucky for FSU, over the past 4 season their BABIP has been around .332, against the Irish it was .197, that is just bad luck. That is not to say that Pitt can't slow down the Noles offense, they held the extremely potent Wake Forest offense to just 3 and 4 runs in their two wins against them last weekend.

Game 40 - Pitt April 17

First Pitch: 6:00 p.m. ET

FSU Starter: RHP, Boomer Biegalski (2-3, 3.41 ERA)

UP Starter: RHP T.J. Zeuch (3-4, 3.74 ERA)

Radio: 106.1 FM - Tallahassee

TV/Internet: ESPN3

Game 41 - Pitt April 18

First Pitch: 1:00 p.m. ET

FSU Starter: RHP, Drew Carlton (2-2, 3.86 ERA)

UP Starter: RHP Aaron Sandefur (1-5, 4.23 ERA)

Radio: 106.1 FM - Tallahassee

TV/Internet: ESPN3

Game 42 - Pitt April 18

First Pitch: 1 hour after the conclusion of Game 1

FSU Starter: RHP, Mike Compton (1-1, 1.63 ERA)

UP Starter: RHP, Marc Berube (1-4, 4.00 ERA)

Radio: 106.1 FM - Tallahassee

TV/Internet: ESPN3

It is nice to have Mike Compton back as a weekend starter, he was excellent in his first start since his injury. The bullpen has also shown signs of improvement recently, something that will be desperately needed in the last month of the regular season.

All games are available to watch on ESPN3 and as always you can find your play by play in each game thread.

Go Noles!