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Who trucked better: Greg Jones or Jacques Patrick?

It's a .gif battle!

Thursday, freshman running back Jacques Patrick tweeted a video of himself running over a walk-on in a recent scrimmage. And many fans immediately made the comparison to the play in which FSU legend Greg Jones trucked Dexter Reid of North Carolina.

So the crew at SB Nation put the two together for the purposes of analysis. Patrick uses more of a shoulder, while Jones has more of a forearm shiver. And Jones seems to set up his defender more, whereas Patrick just runs his over. Patrick does a good job to keep his feet moving to try and run through a second defender as well.

Of course, Patrick did his in a scrimmage while Jones did it in an actual game, and Patrick's defender victim is a walk-on, while Reid was a pretty solid player for North Carolina.

Let us know who did it better in the comment section: Jones or Patrick.