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Jameis Winston the best NFL QB prospect since Andrew Luck?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated ran an interesting article Thursday from Robert Klemko, who asked an NFL personnel man to rank the first round QBs over the last four years based on their pre-draft grades.

"SCOUT X: You have Luck, who is in his own category. The only guy who compares well to him in the last five years is Jameis. A quarterbacks coach will tell you that Winston has fewer issues than Cam or RG3. Most guys are looking for a strong-armed pocket passer with the ability to read coverage. There's no projecting that with Jameis; he's already able to do it. We have Winston high, but don't believe he's quite as skilled as Luck.

The MMQB: But what about the interceptions?

SCOUT X: The 18 picks are more of a discipline issue. He has such a small sample size, so it's hard to say he's a chronic interception thrower. You had Kelvin Benjamin lost to the draft. You ask him who his go-to receiver was and he'll tell you Nick O'Leary, who doesn't project as a starting tight end in the NFL. You had drops, wrong routes. I think every game he was taking it upon himself to go win it."

This really shouldn't be that surprising, though I guess in hindsight perhaps RG3 being over Cam Newton seems silly. But remember that RG3 was a freak of an athlete at one point as well.

Another takeaway: NFL teams don't seem to care all that much about college coaching, but rather tools. Couldn't learn to read a defense and throw with anticipation in college? No problem, we'll teach you! (See Jake Locker, EJ Manuel, etc.) That probably drives college coaches and fans of NFL teams who saw guys play in college absolutely nuts, but the fact is that college coaches do the sam thing with recruits and high school coaches.