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Florida State NFL Draft: Where will FSU's players be picked?

We used multiple seven round mock drafts all updated within the past week to see where Florida State players may go in the draft.

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Jameis Winston: Although he didn't have as great of a season as his redshirt freshman year, Winston is still the most versatile quarterback in the draft, and has the awareness and vision in the pocket equal to an NFL quarterback. Even with an offense without Kelvin Benjamin, Winston was still able to average over 300 passing yards per game. He is a consensus first overall pick, and appears he locked it up with his pro day.

High: Round 1 Pick 1 | Low: Round 1 Pick 1 | Average: First overall

PJ Williams: Williams, former Defensive MVP of the National Championship game, has the instincts that will allow him to succeed in the NFL. He was a most likely first round pick before he was arrested for DUI. He will probably drop on draft boards because of that, but how far (most of the mock drafts have not been updated since the arrest)?

High: Round 1 Pick 14 | Low: Round 2 Pick 15 | Average: Late 1st round

Eddie Goldman: Goldman has shown signs of brilliance against teams such as Louisville and Miami, but appeared non-existent is just as many games. Goldman has the ability to preform at an All-Pro level, but it is up to him if he wants to do so.

High: Round 1 Pick 23 | Low: Round 1 Pick 32 | Average: Late 1st round

Cameron Erving: Erving has versatility and can play every position on the line. He was a decent prospect as a LT but really excelled at center which will certainly help his draft stock.

High: Round 1 Pick 16 | Low: Round 2 Pick 4 | Average: Late 1st round

Ronald Darby: Darby's speed will be a threat to NFL wide receivers, and he has the ability to run hand in hand with them. Darby was a three-year starter at FSU, and received the ACC Freshman of the Year award in 2012.

High: Round 1 Pick 29 | Low: Round 3 Pick 34 | Average: Mid 2nd round

Mario Edwards: Edwards has dropped weight to show teams he is a true defensive end, but he was better in 2013.

High: Round 2 Pick 22 | Low: Round 4 Pick 24 | Average: Mid 3rd round

Tre Jackson: Tre Jackson has the athleticism and toughness to be a starting NFL lineman. Jackson also has very good instincts and was a vital part of the 2013 FSU team, which was one of the most successful offenses in school history.

High: Round 2 Pick 18 | Low: Round 3 Pick 10 | Average: Early 3rd round

Josue Matias: Matias has shown that he is very durable, playing in 29 straight games starting back to the 2011 champs sports bowl. He was also part of the line for the national championship team, which lead the ACC in offense and broke multiple records including touchdowns, yards, and points scored.

High: Round 2 Pick 32 | Low: Round 5 Pick 24 | Average: Late 3rd round

Rashad Greene: Green is coming off of a mammoth year in which he hauled in 99 passes for 1365 yards, his draft stock couldn't be higher. He also broke the FSU record for receiving yards, passing the man who they named the "best WR in the country" award after.

High: Round 2 Pick 26 | Low: Round 3 Pick 29 | Average: Early 3rd round

Nick O' Leary: O'Leary definitely earned brownie points in the toughness category when it was revealed he played the 2015 Rose Bowl with a torn hamstring.

High: Round 3 Pick 9 | Low: Round 5 Pick 27 | Average: Early 4th round

Karlos Williams: Williams was the primary ball carrier this season until the emergence of Dalvin Cook. Williams finished the year with a respectable 4.6 yards per carry, to go along with 11 touchdowns. Williams has the potential to be a strong RB2 in the NFL.

High: Round 6 Pick 25 | Late: Undrafted | Average: Mid 7th

Mock Drafts used: Walter Football, Drafttek,, Draft Utopia