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Noles helping Noles: Parents share tips for taking kids to Florida State games

Help out other FSU parents with tips and experienced on taking children to FSU games.

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Friday, the ACC announced schedule times and channels for the first three Florida State games of the season, and it includes some strange ones (Texas State at 8, USF at 11:30 a.m). This spurred some discussion among parents in the comment section about bringing children to games. "My [son/daughter] is [however old], this might be the first game we attend, any tips?," etc.

And this gave us an idea: what if we could make a guide for parents taking their kids to Florida State games? So that is what we are going to do. Parents will give advice in the comment section, and we'll feature the best stuff here in a guide.

We want FSU-game specifics, not just general parenting tips that are good for any situation.

In order to keep this organized and relevant, remember to note:

1) The age & gender of your child,
2) How far you had to travel to attend the game (It's obviously easier to go to a game with a youngster if you're local), and
3) How many other adults and children were with you

The maiden voyage

-Tell us how your first experience taking your kid to an FSU game went


How long did you tailgate? Did you worry about your kid(s) getting too tired out in the sun if you tailgated too long and the impact that might have on the game?


-Were you able to make it through the entire game? If so, how? What tips can you share?Was your kid able to make it as long as you expected? If not, why?

-Any tips for newborns?

-Any items that you find essential to bring? Are any of those items that aren't technically allowed by stadium rules? If so, how did you get those in? Did you have an experience in which you were not allowed to bring an item into the stadium? How did you handle it?

-At what age did you think your child appreciated being at the game and actually enjoyed it, as opposed to simply making it through?

Hilarious nightmare stories

-We figure there have to be some really funny ones.


There is surely something we've missed.