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Florida State Tre' Jackson drafted by New England: Patriots get talented guard

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The apparent knee injury that failed Jackson in team workouts tied into the fall to the Pats. However, Jackson can replicate the success he had at Florida State.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With the #111 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have selected Florida State guard Tre' Jackson. The hulking 6-4, 330-pound interior lineman was a staple on the O-Line for the ACC's leading offense in 2014.

After not hearing his name called in the first two days of the draft, Jackson entered day three as one of the top talents available.

Jackson started all 14 games for the ACC Champs and was named an Unanimous All-American for the Noles. While his recent injury status demoted the talented lineman out of the second round, he should find a spot in the trenches eventually for the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

The mobility and conditioning is something Jackson needs to address if his intent is to be a consistent contributor in the NFL. The move to the outside seems unlikely for the big man, as FSU plugged Jackson at right guard for his entire tenure and didn't flash ideal lateral quickness. Jackson could eventually line up to FSU teammate Bryan Stork for the Pats.

For an in-depth look at Jackson and what he brings to the next level, check out his player profile.