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What Baseball History Says about Florida State Seminoles' Chances of Reaching a College World Series

With the Noles getting left without a national seed, we analyze what history says about such teams in the College World Series.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State finished the season with a 41-19 record, and topped it off with their sixth ACC Tournament Championship. Despite posting such a great record with their difficult schedule, the Seminoles did not earn a national seed. Instead they will host the regional tournament to begin their quest for the first College World Series title in school history. Concerns include how Florida State will fare despite not receiving a national seed and whether that will withhold them from having success in the postseason.

In total, since 1999, 42 percent (54 of 128) teams to participate in the College World Series were not a national seed. Of those 54 teams, 41 percent have at least reached the semi finals with almost 20 percent of those teams going to the finals. The past also shows that when a non-national seed makes it that far in the world series, they have a good chance of winning, as 50 percent of series winners did not earn a national seed. Two of them Texas (2005) and Oregon State (2007) went undefeated throughout the series.

Even if not winning the whole tournament, non-national seeded teams have shown they can compete against the powerhouses of the country. In CWS play, non-national seeds are 98-97 (.503) since 1999 and only 28 percent (15 of 54) of teams that made it went home without a win or what is referred to as "two and que".

History shows us that Florida State is also at an advantage of hosting a regional. Of the last 16 winners, 14 of them have hosted a regional to begin postseason play. Of the eight non-national seed winners since 1999, five of them were a #1 seed in their regional. Recent history gives the Noles even more of an optimistic outlook as since 2012, non-national seeded teams outnumbered the national seeded participants in the CWS 15-9.

The last two times Florida State was a runner up in the CWS (1986, 1999) they were a national seed. Since 1999, Florida State has reached the CWS once when not being a national seed, in 2010, and finished 1-2.

In the end, despite Florida State being snubbed for a national seed they still have a very legitimate chance of going far in the College World Series. Maybe the 54th time is the charm for the Seminoles.