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Florida State football recruit camp: Thursday live updates

The first session of the camps that have been the building blocks for Florida State's 58-11 record with three ACC titles, two BCS wins and a National Title continues Thursday.

About half of Florida State's starters participated in Jimbo's camp at some point. Each year, quite a few new names emerge and the event helps the coaches form their board, and it also helps us media in that regard.

The camp runs through Friday, with a big man camp on Saturday. Camp is a major part of Florida State's recruiting engine because the staff gets to take accurate height and weight measurements and work out prospects in person. Is the kid as fast as his tape looks? How big are his hips and shoulders? Can he add the weight the school needs him to add?

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Per usual, the expected visitors for the June session are not as good as those likely to make it up to Tallahassee for the July camp, but there are some interesting story lines to watch, and Dustin Tackett, David Visser, and Curt Weiler will have updates for you beginning this morning and then again in the afternoon.

Florida State Seminoles Football's Derwin James nearly outjumped the measuring tape -- 10'5". Damnnnnn.

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Excellent coverage here from Florida State Seminoles Football target Nigel Knott. Can FSU beat out the Mississippi and...

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We'll be watching these throughout the camp.

2017 QBs

Several highly touted quarterbacks are expected to throw Thursday, including Jake Allen of Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas.

Legacy continued?

Florida State has an offer out to LB Devin Bush, Jr. Hollywood (Fla.) Flanagan. FSU is in strong position, with Michigan the biggest threat. Florida State needs linebacker help and the four-star Bush, Jr. would be a welcome addition.

Impact 2016 out-of-state defenders

Several defenders from out-of-state are coming in to see the Seminoles. The most noteworthy is Nigel Knott, a four-star cornerback from Mississippi, who is also considering Alabama and the Mississippi schools. Another is Nick Coe, of Asheboro (NC), a jumbo defensive end with excellent power and better speed than I expected when I saw him in Charlotte recently. Linebacker Jaleel Laguins, of Watkinsville (Ga.) Ocoee County, will also be making the trip, though the four-star is widely expected to choose the Bulldogs.