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FSU still leads for 2018 quarterback recruit Joey Gatewood

Even after coming away from his Auburn visit extremely impressed, Florida State remains the leader for the quarterback out of Bartram Trail.

2018 QB Joey Gatewood enjoyed Jimbo Fisher Camp.
2018 QB Joey Gatewood enjoyed Jimbo Fisher Camp.
Dustin Tackett

Joey Gatewood finally had the opportunity to compete for and work with FSU's coaching staff, something he had been looking forward to.

This week's Jimbo Fisher Camp wasn't the first time 6-foot-3, 220-pound quarterback out of Jacksonville (Fla.) Bartram Trail has walked the paths of FSU's campus, as he had visited twice before, but it did mark the first time he was able to showcase his skills for the coaches first-hand.

And those interactions helped keep the Seminoles ahead of the Auburn Tigers on his list of favorites.

"Florida State is still my leader, but not by much," Gatewood said.

"This week has been cool, showing (the coaching staff) what I actually got instead of watching my film and coming to practice. Now they know I can hit receivers with my arm, and I'm happy."

6'3.5", 215, freshman QB. Ridiculous. Florida State Seminoles Football leads:

Posted by on Friday, June 12, 2015

Gatewood spent most of his time with FSU quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders, picking up tips and working on his technique. His footwork - putting his feet closer together - was a common theme.

But even after receiving a wave of interest from a number of big programs, the rising prospect just wants to get better and appreciates the approach FSU's staff takes to coaching:

"I want them to tell me (what I'm doing wrong), instead of just letting me do my own thing and not telling me anything at all," Gatewood explained. "That's why I came here - to get coached by them."

Gatewood meshed well with FSU's coaching style.

"I really like their coaching staff, just the way they coach. It seems like they're playing, but they're still serious at the same time. They know what they're talking about too. I just like it."

He came away from his recent visit to Auburn extremely impressed and noted the offense as one of the key reasons. But he said he didn't like it any more than FSU's, saying he thinks he "could work well in both offenses."

Gatewood might be heading to Baton Rouge in the near future to visit LSU but, for now, he just plans to 'chillax.'"

And why not? Plenty of time, plenty of options.

Quick scouting report on Gatewood

It seems crazy to be putting out a scouting report on a freshman but Gatewood is not the typical freshman.

First and foremost, he's physically impressive with a ridiculous amount of size for a kid who's only about to be a sophomore in high school. And he's quick, can get up and go, especially for a guy his size.

He has a quick release, but needs to work on getting his wrist around on every throw. Footwork is also a bit of an issue, as he tends to drop back into a stance far too wide for a consistent delivery. But he's definitely coachable from the interactions I've witnessed over the last couple of days.

Arm strength is absolutely there. The kid can sling it down the field and outside the numbers, and also has the accuracy to hit the crossing pattern in stride. There were some instances of missed receivers, but I think it's worth noting that some of these kids probably don't even start for their high school football teams and are not running the correct route every time, if at all.

It's more about the delivery and the throws HE is making than it is about the catch being made on the other end.

And for a kid that young to only have a couple minor issues that can obviously be fixed in the next few years, I'd say he's in great shape to be a special player.

Comparatively, when you look at FSU's current roster, he already seems bigger and than anybody that will be taking snaps under center in the fall - on first, second, third teams, etc.

If he grows as much as one would expect him to, and while it may sound ridiculous, the first name that comes to mind is Cam Newton. Needless to say, expect him to debut at or near the top of the 2018 ratings -- whenever they are put out.