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Florida State Seminoles baseball routed by Florida Gators

It was ugly early and didn't get better.

When you take a minute and think about it I am not sure you can't be all that surprised about what happened last night in the 13-5 defeat. Yes the Seminoles were winners of seven in a row just like the Gators but exactly how well were they playing? They were still making errors, they were still making boneheaded mistakes on the base paths and they were still relying on the same players to make plays.


1. Four errors. Four more errors made by the Seminoles defense last night, that makes 91 on the season. The first one made by Boomer Biegalski should have never happened because he struck out the first batter of the game and the umpires missed an easy check swing call but all the other errors were just ones that great teams don't make. The rest of the errors were made by three freshman who have been error plagued all season. One would imagine that they will improve over time.

2. The starting pitching just wasn't there tonight, Boomer Biegalski  struggled to find command early and often. He did not get hit all that hard in the first few innings but the problem is he wasn't missing many bat heads which is was has led to his success in the past. In his start against a potent College of Charleston lineup he made a concerted effort to keep the ball down in the zone, that was not evident in Friday's loss. But Boomer is young and Florida State would not be where they are at right now if it wasn't for his lights out pitching over the past few weeks.

3. The offense just looked unprepared. They were facing an great pitcher in Logan Shore who does not walk batters and who does not strikeout a lot of batters. The Seminoles are a patient team and that works the majority of the time but that this point in the season that needs to be balanced with a more aggressive approach. There were too many great pitches taken for strikes, the same pitches that we saw Florida put in play for base hits. This approach ended their season two years ago against Indiana and it could cost them this weekend.

3 UP

1. Florida State's starter managed only two plus innings against Florida and rather than throw top bullpen arms in Silva and Strode, head coach Mike Martin elected to go with less effective arms. To no ones surprise the Gators scored an additional seven runs off the pitchers but the good news is Silva and Strode are ready for action today.

2. The Seminoles lineup did make starting pitch Logan Shore labor at times and he did have 102 pitches through 5.2 before being lifted. For being what we called unprepared the offense did manage to go 11 for 36 with 4 walks, scoring 5 runs. Now the majority of that was against Florida's weaker bullpen guys but hopefully it can carry over into today.

3. It can not be stated enough just how great of a season this is for Florida State. In what was supposed to be a down year the Seminoles they still managed to win 40 games, still host and win a regional and even be in the conversation for a national seed at the end of the year. The rival Gators had a rebuilding season just two years ago where they went 29-30 and didn't make the postseason. They are now one win away from Omaha, with a team loaded with talent and have a good chance to win a title. To think that Florida State is not capable of having that same success in a short period of time is silly. The Noles have brought in some good young pieces this season and with a shift in recruiting strategy they will only continue to bring in better talent.

Florida State looks to extend their season tonight as Mike Compton has been named the game two starter. Game time is 5PM and we will have all of your updates.