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Jimbo Fisher releases statement about Johnson, Cook incidents

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher weighs in on the recent occurrences that led to the dismissal of De'Andre Johnson and today's suspension of Dalvin Cook.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Recent events at Florida State University involving members of my football team have brought a lot of attention to the school and program.  It is important to me that our fans and the public be aware that I do not tolerate the type of behavior that was captured on video and that was most recently alleged.  We spend a good deal of time educating our student-athletes about appropriate behavior and their responsibilities as representatives of Florida State.  The majority of our players are exemplary, but clearly we must place an even stronger emphasis on this, and I personally promise we will.

I remain committed to educating our young men and holding them accountable for their actions.

Florida State is a great university.  Our fans and supporters deserve better than to hear of actions that are not consistent with the school’s proud history and national stature.

We will do better.  I will not tolerate anything less.