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FSU President John Thrasher comments on recent charges

On the heels of a statement from Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher, FSU president John Thrasher has offered some comments of his own.

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I am extremely disappointed to learn of this allegation against Dalvin Cook.  I fully support the immediate and indefinite suspension of Cook from the football team while we look into this matter further and due process runs its course.

It is especially disheartening to learn of this case just days after Coach Fisher dismissed quarterback De'Andre Johnson from the team for his role in a physical altercation that occurred in an off-campus bar.

As I have previously said, I have no tolerance for the type of behavior alleged in these cases.  We expect all of our students, especially our student-athletes who represent this university in the public spotlight, to adhere to the highest standards.

I have asked Coach Fisher and Athletics Director Stan Wilcox to develop a plan to help our student-athletes understand the consequences of these kinds of actions.  This will include Coach Fisher meeting immediately with his team to reiterate, in no uncertain terms, our expectations of them.  I also plan to meet with the team, and we will be asking professionals who deal with these matters, including State Attorney Willie Meggs, to speak with them.

The vast majority of our student-athletes are good students and positive role models who contribute to their university and their communities.  It is unfortunate that the actions of a very few individuals are causing embarrassment to their teammates and this university.

Coach Fisher, Athletics Director Wilcox and I are committed to ensuring our student-athletes uphold this university's values, and we will continue to work together toward that goal.