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De'Andre Johnson's comments on Good Morning America

The ex-Seminole spoke out for the first time since his dismissal from FSU earlier this month.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Former Florida State quarterback De'Andre Johnson sat down with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan today, breaking his silence for the first time since FSU cut ties with the Jacksonville quarterback after he was charged with misdemeanor battery following a physical altercation with a female student at a Tallahassee club.

Strahan began by asking Johnson, who appeared with his mother, why he didn't just walk away from the woman, to which Johnson answered: "Well, you're right. There is no explanation for that. I totally should have walked away. I'm sorry. If I had to do it all over again, I would." Strahan then inquired as to whether Johnson had any drinks at the bar that night. Johnson responded: "Uh, no. I'm not going to comment on that."

Next, Strahan questioned whether the young lady provoked Johnson with racial slurs. Said Johnson: "It doesn't matter. What matters is that I shouldn't have raised my hand to her. I should have walked away."

Johnson answered quickly when asked whom he let down the most: "My mother. She didn't raise me this way, you know?" When his mother showed some emotion at this remark, he put his arm around her and said "sorry," and continued, "she didn't raise me this way. It kills me inside to know that I hurt her heart."

His mother responded: "I cried. I just cried and cried for three days. I still cry, because I don't teach my kids to raise their hands, and for this just to happen, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She was quite frank about her reaction upon hearing about the incident: "I wanted to jump through the phone and wring his neck."

Johnson was adamant about not having a history of violence toward women: "I've never been violent toward a woman. Ever."

Strahan then pointed out that while Johnson doesn't second guess FSU's decision to dismiss him, he nevertheless thinks he deserves a second chance: "Yes sir, without a doubt. What you saw in that video is not who I am."

Finally, Johnson addressed the woman he struck: "I would like to say to her and her family that I am severely sorry. No words can describe this feeling."

Strahan afterward pointed out that Johnson is now volunteering at a battered women's shelter, while also mentioning that the woman involved was contacted as well but had no comment.

Strahan concluded the piece, in studio, by stating: "I will say this: I expected him to say 'well she said this and this.' He did not make any excuses; he said I was wrong, and he owned up to his mistakes. He really did." This concession was met with a bit of an uncomfortable silence from the rest of the GMA panel.