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The best wins of Al Golden's Miami tenure are over teams with losing records

"Al Golden is heading into his fifth season as head coach at the University of Miami. With Brad Kaaya, the reigning ACC Rookie of the Year returning under center, big things are expected in Coral Gables this year. In this ACC Now, ACC Digital Network host Courtney Cox breaks down the biggest wins of coach Golden's time with the Hurricanes."

Sounds good. Al Golden is 28-22 as the coach of the Miami Hurricanes, and just 16-16 in conference, but some of the wins have to have been good wins, right?


Ohio State went 6-7 in 2011.

Georgia Tech went 7-7 in 2012.

Florida went 4-8 in 2013 (and were better at the time, to be sure, before the injuries derailed their season).

Virginia Tech went 7-6 in 2014.

Combined, that is an opponent record of 24-28.

This video was intended to be nice but ended up as something put out by the conference that ended up trolling the Hurricanes.