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Recalling the most impressive play I ever saw Derwin James make

People on twitter asked me to make this into a story.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Corey Long, a reporter and recruiting analyst with great connections to Polk County believes it was either another player (Trevor Campbell) who caught the ball, or a different season (not 2014). Long thinks it happened against Boom, and he was involved with the team James was on in 2014. He may be right, as we both recalled the play where James cut all the way across the field. It's certainly possible that I am not remembering the play correctly, though James did make a number of insane plays through the three years we watched him play tournaments.

Original: Wednesday, I told a story on twitter about the time I was most impressed with Derwin James, inspired by video of the true freshman Florida State safety benching 405 pounds. I'm telling this to the best of my recollection, hoping that all the details are right.