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Florida State tight end recruiting after Isaac Nauta's decommitment: Naseir Upshur

Naseir Upshur will be visiting Florida State on October 10 when the Seminoles host the Miami Hurricanes.

Update: Upshur will be visiting Florida State instead of Michigan next Wednesday. He'll be accompanied by his father and his two big brothers on a multi-day visit. Getting Upshur to visit before school starts back up in advance of his official is a big deal.

Tuesday, Florida State lost the commitment of five-star tight end recruit Isaac Nauta, of IMG Academy in Bradenton (Fla.). It was a damaging blow, as Nauta was arguably the best player in FSU's class, and inarguably the best tight end in the country.

While FSU is not officially out of the running, it's rare for decommitments to recommit to a school. Plus, Clint Brewster of the 247sports Michigan site, the son of FSU tight ends coach Tim Brewster, published this line earlier Wednesday ($).

"Finally, a source at Florida State says that they don't expect Nauta to re-commit to FSU and they have basically moved on. FSU plans to focus on Nasier Upshur and possibly another 2016 tight end with a similar skill-set to Nauta."

Naseir Upshur, however, is a good player in his own right. Out of Philadelphia's Imhotep Institute, Upshur is not a new target to Florida State, as FSU was recruiting him while Nauta was in the fold. But he's just one who will be recruited with renewed focus now that Nauta is out of the class (and looking like he'll head to Georgia).

Upshur is 6'2.5, 239 pounds (as of The Opening) and has an impressive highlight film. He is rated four-stars and is widely considered one of the five best tight ends in the country. Michigan appears to be the biggest competition for Upshur, and it will not be easy to sign him.

Why is Upshur rated four-stars?

He's a good athlete for his size, with a lot of natural power when he blocks. I don't see any problems with his catching, though it is a highlight reel, so there shouldn't be any drops there. He has good, but not great speed. He could be a very good college tight end a couple years down the line as he refines his skills at the position, like route running.

Why is Upshur not a five-star?

First, tight ends are rarely rated five-stars. Nauta and players like O.J. Howard (Alabama c/o 2013) are quite rare. Typically five-star tight end recruits re 6'4+ and either have excellent top-end speed or a great natural knack for playing the position, and they project to make an impact early -- something the vast majority of first-year tight ends do not do.