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Video shows Florida State QB De'Andre Johnson punch woman in bar

Video has finally surfaced of FSU freshman QB De'Andre Johnson striking a girl at a night club in Tallahassee.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

On June 24, Florida State Football freshman QB De'Andre Johnson was charged with battery for allegedly hitting a woman at a popular Tallahassee night club, Yiannis. Since then, Johnson has been suspended indefinitely from the football team due to a violation of the athletic department as the legal process moves on.

A video of the incident has surfaced which clearly shows an altercation (beginning at 1:54) between Johnson and the female. Johnson attempted to get to the bar while bumping into the woman getting into what seemed like a small ordeal. After a period of grabbing and shoving, the victim tried to push Johnson away, which he responded with a vicious punch to her face. She suffered multiple injuries to her face including bruises and cuts and was treated by medics. Johnson turned himself into the Leon County Jail and was released on $500 bond on June 30th after being charged with the crime.