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VIDEO: Thanks to construction, Citrus Bowl no longer terrible

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Florida State opens the 2016 season against Ole Miss in Orlando's Citrus Bowl, which has thankfully been renovated because it was a complete dump before. FSU is also playing its 2016 spring game in Orlando.

Release from the PR Firm:

WHAT: The Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium took the saying "out with the old and in with the new" quite literally during renovations - after one year and $207.7 million, approximately 90% of the stadium is brand new! Want a behind-the-scenes look at construction? Watch progress from January 2014 - January 2015 with Work Zone Cam's time-lapse!

WHY: With roomier seating, giant video displays and an open-air façade, Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium's reconstruction gives fans something to cheer about! Work Zone Cam worked with Turner Construction to document the project - see it from start to finish with the time-lapse.

No mention of the area or attractions directly around the stadium, which I presume has not been renovated.