So Much More to the Baylor Story!


This link is to a letter written to Baylor President, KEN STARR!!! As in 'The Starr Report' and Clinton impeachment. If anyone should know how to investigate sexual misdeeds (putting it mildly), it should be Ken Starr. But, although he he was able to find enough on President Clinton, who likely had many people out to stone wall the investigation, to write a tome, he was unable to do a satisfactory enough effort at the school he runs for a court to even allow his 'investigation' to be mentioned! Strange also how the media somehow never picked up on ANOTHER Baylor football player who was convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault in 2012. Nothing from this 'christian' school about the real deviants in its program or that they try to rid themselves of them. Instead, Baylor gave no help to the female scholarship soccer player victim while the indicted football player, Sam Ukwuachu, was still being spoken of by the coaches as recently as 2 weeks ago, as likely starting! I don't think there is any other indicator as blatant as the Baylor (non)story, that the major sports media outlets are actively, consistently and with complete disregard for any real facts, out to bring FSU down as far as possible. If FSU had been proven to have done what Baylor HAS done, ESPN, SI, Bleacher Report, NYT and all the other tabloid sports groups, would be demanding that the FSU football program be dismantled! Why aren't most of them even shaking their fingers at Baylor?