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Ranking Florida State's seven toughest football games of 2015

Ranking Florida State's seven toughest football games of 2015.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

This morning our staff was debating the toughest games for Florida State in 2015, so I figured why not turn this into an article for the readers. I had the twelve rank FSU's seven toughest games. Why seven? The other five (at Wake, Syracuse, Texas State, USF, Chattanooga) seem like gimmes. Most believe FSU will go 4-3 or 5-2 against the seven. More info on each team in the link.

1. at Clemson: Clemson has been the league's second-best recruiter, has the best WR corps in the league, probably its best QB in Deshaun Watson, and plays in the league's best (toughest) stadium -- a place FSU has won just once in the last six meetings. Basically, the reasons the Tigers were picked to win the Atlantic Division and the ACC. They'll need it to overcome all that the Tigers lost on defese. Vegas agrees with the staff's ranking, as Clemson is currently favored by three.

2. at GT: Georgia Tech was barely behind the Clemson Tigers in our voting (1.58 to 1.67). Atlanta is not that intimidating of a place to play, but Tech's offense is always difficult to stop and its defense should improve considerably with what it has coming back. Justin Thomas is an awesome QB. Playing this one right after hosting Miami and Louisville will not be easy.

3. Louisville: A sneaky game, as Louisville is loaded on defense thanks to some timely transfers, and Bobby Petrino's offenses typically find a way to put up points. FSU has this sandwiched between Miami and Tech, making it very tough.

4. Miami: Miami's defense carried the Hurricanes last year and that should continue this year. QB Brad Kaaya has looked good according to reports, as has the defense, but the offensive line is suspect. Jimbo Fisher has never lost to the Hurricanes.

5. at UF: I had Florida third, because FSU's inexperienced offense could easily lay an egg against Florida's defense in the Swamp. On the other hand, Florida's offensive line depth is extremely suspect, and its receivers are not very good.

6. NC State: A very good QB in Jacoby Brisett and an improving roster from a team that gave FSU fits for a while last year before Jameis Winston blew their doors off in the final 40 minutes.

7. at BC: An early road test against a disciplined defense had BC one spot higher on my list, but I believe the Eagles retooling their entire offensive line has them lower.

Let us know your thoughts.