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Florida State football: Things to watch in camp

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Just 31 days until Florida State football kicks off against Texas State, and fall camp begins Wednesday. Here are some things we'll be trying to answer throughout fall camp.

  1. How patient will Jimbo Fisher be with such a young team?
  2. Is the battle between Sean Maguire and Everett Golson really a battle? Most media assume Golson will take the job.
  3. How quickly will Jacques Patrick pick up the pass protections in the absence of Dalvin Cook?
  4. Do some receivers begin to separate themselves? Six return from 2014 and three new freshmen are in the mix.
  5. Will Ryan Izzo hold the starting tight end spot over Mavin Saunders, as he did in spring and in the media guide?.
  6. How healthy will tackle Chad Mavety stay? Is there really a battle between he and Derrick Kelly?
  7. FSU cross-trains its offensive linemen constantly to promote depth. Who will emerge as the top reserves at each position?
  8. Florida State has defensive line depth ... will it have a superstar? There are some who could reasonable project to reach that status by 2016, but can one arrive early?
  9. How much do guys coming back from injury play early on?
  10. Will Lorenzo Phillips and Marcus Lewis pass their final classes and qualify?
  11. Are any returning players in academic limbo?
  12. Who are the backups at linebacker behind Terrance Smith and Reggie Northrup?
  13. Florida State has five defensive backs to fill three spots (two safety spots and the star position). Who will be playing the majority of those snaps?