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Florida State football, recruiting news 8/7

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

With fall camp now officially underway and just 29 days until Florida State begins its 2015 season, it's time for the return of Noles News. This is the place where you will find news related to Florida State football, recruiting and FSU's opponents.

- Jared Shanker of ESPN released Nos. 10-6 in his top ACC players countdown and Florida State's own Everett Golson comes in at No. 10.

Golson’s inclusion on the postseason edition of this list hinges on his grasp of FSU coach Jimbo Fisher’s playbook -- and of his own limitations. Golson was a Heisman Trophy candidate through October, but those thoughts derailed during a poor stretch for the Fighting Irish. Golson has turnover issues, and they were exposed as the Irish defense fell apart and pressure was thrust upon him. There’s a case for Golson to finish higher on this list -- or be completely dropped from it at the end of the season, which is why Golson is the conference’s 2015 wild card.

Do you like this ranking for Golson or think he deserves a better (or worse) spot?

- Good read from Brendan Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel who writes that Florida State will have to see an improved chemistry with this year's team to make up for the players lost to the NFL. That's the hope, at least, but it is tough to trust a coach when he says it because coaches are never willing to talk about a team's bad chemistry or lack of off-season work before a season starts.

-4-star tight end Nasier Upshur, of Philadelphia is in town and will stay until Saturday. He'll then visit South Carolina before road-tripping home.

- Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated put FSU at No. 9 in his preseason Top 25. Think the ranking is off the mark or just right? Here's an excerpt

Opposing coach's take They’re so strong on the back end of their defense. They’re not quite as strong as they used to be on the front, especially at the defensive end position, but those back four or five guys are elite. … They go by the principle that the more talented you are, the less you have to do on defense. They’re going to have more talent than 10 of the 12 teams they play every year, so they don’t make it too complicated. … They probably play a little bit more man than other teams we face because they have the guys who can do that. … You’ve got to be able to run the ball, because you’re not going to be able to drive by throwing exclusively. … Their offense got better last year when they moved Cam Erving to center and started Rod Johnson at left tackle, but Erving is gone now. … Their backs are great at breaking tackles.

- And lastly, in some non fall camp news, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver recently told Joe Bucs Fan that Jameis Winston learned the entire Bucs playbook in two days. Although incredibly impressive, this is nothing new for Florida State fans that have come to expect such prowess from Winston.