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Florida State football podcast: Is Dalvin Cook FSU's best running back ever?

Dalvin Cook is as good as any runner we've ever seen at Florida State.

Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott are back to review Florida State's 34-13 win over the USF Bulls. In the first half of this two-part edition of the Nolecast. The second half will come later Tuesday.

We open with, who else, discussion of Dalvin Cook. Is he Florida State's best running backer ever (not more accomplished than Dunn, Smith or Allen, but the best?). He is on pace to smash the Florida State record for rushing yards (1242) and touchdowns (20) in a single season. Assuming he plays 13 games, he needs just 75 yards/game to break it, and needs 16 more touchdowns in the final 13 to break the TD record. Of course, Cook is also on pace for 320 carries which is 33 percent more than any back in FSU history.

And why on earth is Jimbo Fisher running him 30 times against USF, especially carries 26-30 which came with seven minutes left up two touchdowns?

We then continue with praise for Jimbo Fisher and his patient, positive, teaching approach with such a young offense even while it played quite poorly Saturday against the Bulls. 2015 is a rebuilding year, though still an opportunity for FSU to win another ACC title if things work out, but with the vast majority of this roster due back next year, the development happening in 2015 is very important.

Then we move on to the bad stuff, and on offense, there was a ton of it against USF, including Everett Golson playing one of the worst games by a Jimbo Fisher QB since he became head coach of Florida State, receivers playing very poorly, and the offensive line also not performing well.

Which was the worst: QB, WR or OL? Which has the greatest chance to step up in the near future? We discus.

On a more positive note, we praise how FSU is running its offense (low turnovers, commitment to the run, safe), and discuss not where we'd like it to improve, but where it can likely improve and how.

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